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Detailed office shrinkage method

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Hi all , i have read the unattented guide and office shrinker guide but i didn't understand them well , and kept struggling with my office to shrink it , and i succeded so i decieded to give u the method in more details:


1- install the Microsoft office resource kit on a your machine to create administrative setup point from Here

2- Create administrative setup point, method is here :


3- then yu should slipstreame sp1 to it as mentioned in the guide at the same link above ( only sp1 , no need for the updates , that what i tried, )

4- use microsoft office resource kit to make an MST file which contains the answer

method and program link is here :


5- don't care alot about the custom installation wizard , just care about the feature select menu , cuz it will effect the size

6- now , we have an administrative setup point and an MST file , letus go on...

7- install microsoft virtual PC

and run it

8- make a new machine , and start a new windows XP installation on it

9- Install the virtual machine additions , DON'T do anything else

10- in the virtual machine settings go to shared folders and share the administrative point folder u created at step 2 between the host machine and the virtual one

11- get office shrinker by buckeye form here :


12- share the folder which contains the shrinker between the virtual and host machine

13- then run the shrinker on the virtual machine,

14- specify the folder which yu shared from the real machine(the admin point) as the source,

15 - specify the target to a folder in the real machine(u should have shared another empty folder for this )

16- define the setup.exe and the mst

17- then the shrinking process starts, yu should see the error boxes which are automatically ignored, the process would complete with the message "shrinkage is already complete"

18- now we have the target folder with a shrinked office ,

19 - Now u have 2 options :

a- using WinRAR to create an SFX archive with this line executed after extraction

setup.exe TRANSFORMS=(thefilenameuchoosed).MST /qb-

b- use the @astalavista’s method of adding it to 7z

Now all is done


the shrinked office works on a completely on a clean installation so yu should place ur 7z SFX or RARSFX as the first program to run in RunonceEX.cmd , as it MUST be the first program to run , ur shrinked office won't success if its setup was started on ur windows after installing other apps.

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Don't be disappointed. It means folks were interested. I created my own single 11- in-1 CD for Office 2003, but could use that for the UAI. for that I made an admin install point. I don't want to run it as the first thing in my RunOnceEx. I defrag first, then put in TweakUI ans then a few other things before I tackle Office. However, I may learn a few things by going through the process.

thanks for the post! :o)

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hi master_mtz

i am sorry for asking again .. :(

i will try to explaine my problem and need your help

now i get a shrink copy of officexp about 200M << this is befor using 7z>> ok

i want to add this copy to CD of XP

now i need something like :

1- what can i write inside the config.txt

2- what is the command or switch can i used it to make silent install for officexp

3- startX.exe :no::no: i am not understand the function of this small prog.

when i make Officexp.7z it is become 70M BUT without startx and sfx and config.

i hope u understand what i mean and help me as soon as possible

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Hi guys, love this topic, the only two problems I get, is that I can't use my batch file on the virtual machine (see included picture) it's saying I have to go to config screen to configure the systemparts.

And when the shrink is done, I only get 7.20 MB, and I think this isn't right, since there are not enough files in it...

Maybe both of my problems are related to not having the VMware additions, where can I download these? Would love this if it worked, maybe you guys can help me out, thx anyway, grtz...


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