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  1. thx roguespear for your detailed reply .. i am happy to know that suchj a program was made using vb.net ..(ported or whatever) .. today i tested my application on vista rc1 .. it worked with 4 mb of memory instead of 30 .. , and moreover .. the .net framework is already integrated with vista .. this is something promising .. @LLXX well .. c/c++ ??? but i think it is a bit difficult to learn isn't it ?? i will start with vb.net ...and later will learn c++... is that ok ?? currently i have little knowledge of both ... but i found using vb.net is more productive .. and demands less efforts
  2. ...thanks for ur reply ... but .... it 's disappointing ... Do u recomend me to go on vb.net ??? or find something else to learn ?!!
  3. hi all ... i am a new vb.net user ... i downloaded the visual basic 2005 express edition and i have some questions about it : 1- Is this version the known vb.net development environment? 2-What is the differences between the express and professional or enterprise edition ? 3- Isn't the .net framework .. a memory eater ... i mean .. in general all vb.net applications i tested are slow .. they eat a lot of memory .. todau i made a really silly Countdown clock .. and ran it .. i was shocked to know that it is the most memory consuming process ... it takes 30 Mb of RAM !!!!!!!!!!! while the whole application is just not more than 100 kb .. is JIT Compiling really a system resources eater ????? or did i make something wrong ? 4- What kind of applications is vb.net supposed to develop .. can i make games and Office software using it ? or is it just for Wb-Development ?? 5- Do I have to make the users of my applications install the .net framework to start my .net applications ? is n't this something horrible ????
  4. hi there ... firstly i would like to thank people in this forum for their usual help and great efforts .. i haev a question about making a system shortcut , or whate ever it is called on the desktop ... i mean something like IE and the recycleBin .. i don't know if this is the apporpriate place for this post , but i think this is not a programming issue ,, indeed it is something related to registry tweaks ... thx in advance .. waiting your reply
  5. hello friends , please tell me simply , how can i have a voice chat for my web site ? all i want , is just to make a web conference with my friends through our web site .. not using IM software i found many chat services but all are voiceless ... i don't need full source or service .. all i want .. is just to have web-based conference .... not using IM software ,, plz help me
  6. hi all i wanted to khow how to read the textbox, put a value in other and stimulate the "submit or enter" action on the web page thru webbrowser control in VB not VB.net i mean the same way we register accounts through Applications like yahoo messenger and others for example .. in yahoo we can register a new account through the application without any need to use the Internet explorer to fill the form .. and that is all..
  7. Soooo .definetly 64 bit ... i am gooing for it !!!
  8. well , this actually means that i may get my 64 bit machine with hardware supporting 64 bit ... and use 32 bit software (with performance of a 32 bit processor ) .. untill 64 bit software get stable ... i think it will be after the release of vista ....) then i may Jump to 64 bit performance ,, Right ?
  9. first of all i appreciate your help and would like to ask how can i know if the hardware i am getting is compaitable with 64 bit .. i mean drivers for sound ... VGA ...modem etc... aren't the drivers supplied by the manufacter ? i have another question ... do u mean that i can normally install My Windows XP 32 bit (i mean home edition) on my 64 bit machine ? will it work as fine as normal 32 bit processors ? or will i get troubles and bugs ?
  10. i want to buy a new PC , i don't know wheter to choose 64 bit or 32 bit ?? what about software compatability ? will 32 apps work normally on my semparon or athlin 64 machine ??
  11. hi guys ,, i want a webhosting which offers me a domain name like this : myname.hosting.com i want to have my name before the hosting ,,, can some one help ...
  12. infact , i am not buying it from an online store ... i will buy it from a computer shop .... please guys .. could u tell me more about turbo cahce ?? what is it ?? and is it good or bad thing ??
  13. thx a lot guys 100% percent for 6200 .... recomonding a 6600 ... nice
  14. i don't think FX is that bad it is still supporting Hardware shaders 2.0 and it is running MOST wanted with full Details with great performance
  15. hi guys .. i need an urgent help .. i want to buy a cheap VGA card .. what do u recomend me to Buy ... an FX or gfroce 6200 ?? and what r the kinds of the Gfroce 6200 i mean i the models and which brand is the best (MSI, XFX , PixelView,...) waiting answers
  16. thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanx in depth "press any key" that is really helped me ..... u seem to be a great searcher ...
  17. thx perss any key ..4 ur relpy do you konw how to do taht uisng rgesirty ... i want to make a bctah taht deos this ticrk ** by the way: i like both ur nickname and Sign , and that why i wrote this reply like this ...
  18. @ aron i don't mean a specfic program .. i want a way that works for all .. cuz i added some programs to my unattented XPCD , they start with windows .. i want someway to hide them .. @ripken .. mmmm, doesn't seem to be working .. anyway.. thx mate
  19. thx ripken 4 ur reply .. plz tell me .. is regtuner a resources editing program .. like resource hacker .. in this case ... i think this is not what i want .. this works .. but the program keeps taking place in the tray without showing its icon ...
  20. i want to know if it is possible to hide a specific program from the tray ... i want it to start with windows .. but not to take place in systray ... can any one help ...
  21. hi all just have a suggestion to Improve the apperance of WPI ... why don't we insert Flash effects and animations to WPI themes , this would greatly improve the apperance of WPI ... i tried to inset Flash object to j_h's theme ... and it almost worked but .. the problem was that the flash object hided the timer .. if someone can help ... it would be nice , here is the link to my WPI , so u can troubleshoot ... http://www.uploadtemple.com/view.php/1124596439.rar waiting ...
  22. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw , JH that is something really incrediable , unbelievable ... sorry for being late ... but ur theme is UNBELEIVABLE !!!! see ya ..
  23. @ Railman5 and dirtwarrior rhx 4 replying @ neoandersom really glad to be ur hero @ MHZ well , if i had known about Cmenu before i would haven't written this guide :no Bu i think the guide is still helpful for beginners and noobs :rolleyes

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