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  1. Detailed office shrinkage method

    sawwa7 if you will make an sfx rar archive and your office now about 200m use this Path=%systemdrive%\Offtmp SavePath Setup=%systemdrive%\Offtmp\setup.exe /i proplus.MSI /t %systemdrive%\Offtmp\Unattend.MST /qb- ALLUSERS=2 CDCACHE=auto Silent=2 Overwrite=1 Title=Microsoft Office Installation and look at tom this My Webpage My Webpage your copy will be 85M that's all
  2. Detailed office shrinkage method

    hi master_mtz i am sorry for asking again .. i will try to explaine my problem and need your help now i get a shrink copy of officexp about 200M << this is befor using 7z>> ok i want to add this copy to CD of XP now i need something like : 1- what can i write inside the config.txt 2- what is the command or switch can i used it to make silent install for officexp 3- startX.exe i am not understand the function of this small prog. when i make Officexp.7z it is become 70M BUT without startx and sfx and config. i hope u understand what i mean and help me as soon as possible
  3. Detailed office shrinkage method

    PLEASE I NEED MORE DETAILS ABOUT THIS : 12- share the folder which contains the shrinker between the virtual and host machine THANKS
  4. mcafee 9.0

    me too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. hi to all how can i reduce office xp to add it to the CD of WINDOWS XP ??? all become about 700MG
  6. Real Player 10 Gold

    please i need RealPlayer10Gold cmd command i can't install silent i have RealPlayer10Gold_bb.exe
  7. hi to all i am new member and looking for more explain or details about how can i add xpUpdate to the CD of windows my english language is not bad but also not good to ....