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new java stop watch

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heres a thought if any one knows how to do it,, its definatly for design,,

it would be kool to have a round stop watch,, sort of like a regular round java clock with moving hands,, but not with the function to tell time but to count back wards with a second hard

any ideals how to implement one.

maybe a java guru and come up with some ideals

what yall think.

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ok peeps ive made alot of progress on this so far and my javascripting is coming along fairly welll, i still have a few kinks to work out but almost ready for final version,, hehehe hopefully

tell me what ya think of the look

..... one hard task is for me to get timers insync,, grrr i wont lie im weak in my javascripting lol.. i may have to revamp this script,, but im very fond of the layout style :)

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A tip of the fedora to you, Lost Soul, that's lookin' pretty good. :thumbup

And CHECK THIS OUT. If you are looking for colors and color values, this has to be the coolest thing I have found to date on the Web. The human animal responds to the color wheel.

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thanks guys this project is a handfull lol, its more looks then function at the momemt ive added a dot between each number to give it a brighter more rounder effect,

the only snag is getting the movement of the second hand corrected to function that way i like it,

so far ive rewritten a javascript to loop back in a 60 second time interval, but having it have movement for every 1 second is proving to be a handful..

i had to try to rewrite this script because in the image because it was running off the internal system clock , so that proved to not be what i wanted because it wouldnt start at the 60 mark on web page opening.

if any body has any ideals ,, that would be kool, im making progress but its slow :P


thanks thats apretty nice color wheel

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