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the most idiotic idea ever

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I have thought a stupid, just say stupid, idea of mine, I thought is it possible to listen to the music while installing windows.....I have already seen that astronomic ideas have been "viable". So I believe that this idea is also real(maybe not), just yesterday thoug of that, I didn't searched the forum.....So say what do yu mean about this idea(maybe it's not my idea, maybe it have been written before me).thank yu :P:rolleyes:

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1. Set up standalone CD player.

2. Start Windows install on computer.

3. ???

4. Profit! (sorry, bad slashdot humor kicking in)

Remember, there are no stupid questions, only stupid people.

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I think the sound would be extremely jerky and with gaps, if listened at the same time windows are being installed...

I have never had a problem with that, the sound is good no gaps.

Maybe if it was a old machine it might but on my AMD 1.7 and my P4 2.8

no problems.

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