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[App] Boot Folder creation


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ok it doesnt work on 64 bit OSs because the directory structure is different. most of the files are in an AMD64 folder and not the i386 folder. maybe if you can post the source on here i can have a look and try mod it so it can work with 64 bit.

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LispWarez, could you post your dosnet.inf file and it's location within the Windows source?

I already made some changes in my code to support 64-bit Windows, but I can't verify it, because I don't have a 64-bit Windows CD. With your info I can verify it and will post an updated version.

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@LispWarez even if this awesome tool were able to create the x64 boot files there is no way to integrate the x64 into a multiboot CD, since the modified setupldr.bin will not be excepted

@Nazgul i have sent you a PM for the dosnet.inf's i hope you will add x64 support, even though including to a multibot is not possible, at the moment, but who knows... mabey this gets fixed soon.

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@LispWarez i tried it myself, but fact is: xp pro x64 is "win 2003 SP1".

as you might have read on the multiboot forums, MS somehow changed the setupldr.bin since this version - there are a few threads discussing this problem, but non with a real solution for x64

@nazgul got you PM and replied :)

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Ok, I've just modified the first post and uploaded version 1.2 of my BootFolder tool.

The changelog since version 1.0:


- Added 64-bit windows bootfolder support


- Reworked Copy code, because of instability with that code

I'd also like to thank bombtrack and LispWarez for supplying me with the information I needed and for testing if my changes actually worked :).

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