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WMP10 Complete Slipstream

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I use it this way;

1 windows xp pro

2 use nLite to

  a slip sp2

  b integrate Ryans pack full 1.2.2

  c integrate xpize 1.2

  d ect.

3 wmp slipstreamer

4 Ryans new update to 1.2.2 (5mb)


1. Do all the nLite stuff (leaving WMP in-tact), integrate ryan's pack and 1.2.2b update, etc.

2. Run WMP10 slipstreamer v3.

3. Extract your WMP10 update pack into i386 and overwrite all.

4. Make ISO and burn.

5. After installation run your WMP10 mod.

And I will have a fully up-to-date WMP10 with windows media video hardware acceleration?

I think what's best to do is slip sp2 with nlite and then close out nlite.

Then open nlite and only integrate the 1.2.2 hotfix pack.

Then extract 1.2.2b pack to i386 and overwrite all.

Then open up nlite and do everything else and make the ISO.

From Reading this board and Ryan's; I understand, I need to slimstream the hotfixes and WMP10 in a certain order to make everything work correctly. I'm not quite sure if what I have listed in red in the proper order:

1.Open NLite to:

a.copy 'XPCD' to harddrive

b.Slipstream SP2 then close NLite.

2.re-open NLite to:

a.Intergrate Drivers*

b.Remove componets* (WMP9 MUST NOT BE REMOVED)

c.Unattended Setup*


e.Tweaks* then Close NLite again.

f.Integrate Ryan's pack full 1.2.2

3.Run WMP10 Slimpstreamer V3

4.Extract 'newWMP.rar' to the 'i386' folder, overwriting

all when prompted

5.Extract Ryan's pack '1.2.2 to 1.2.2b' (or would it be

the No-WMP 1.2.2b) to 'i386' folder, overwriting all

all when prompted.

6.Finally Make ISO and Burn


(*)optional steps


Also, Since Slipstreaming WMP10, would I need to download Ryan's 1.2.2b update with or without the WMP9 updates? My understanding I would not need any of the WMP 9 updates; since I am installing version 10.

Any Help would appreciated.


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i do it this way copy xpcd to hard drive. open nlite and slipstream sp2 then xpize plus RyanVM's pack. then close nlite and add 1.2.2b with everything in it. then open nlite remove what i want except wmp9 and wmp6.4 (very important), and unnatended and reg tweaks. then just before making the iso i leave nlite open and run wmp10 slipstreamer. add my pack and reg entries. after this make iso and try it first time to virtual machine. then burn it to a cd-rw and install on my real machine.....

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Thanks for clearing that up. I'll now make my iso and test it, but I want to know which is easier/faster to test in: vmware or virtual PC.

Oh, which 1.2.2b to use one with or without WMP updates?

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Hi! I need help.

I'm getting a fatal error message, saying "Error: Couldn't read section entry. Please report the bug.", when trying to use ver.3 WMP10 Slipstreamer. I have an English XP SP2 source updated with RyanVM v 1.2.2 and 1.2.2b update packs using nLite v1.04.

I did not remove WMP9 and WMP6.4 during nLite tweaking. I got the error during WMP10 slipstreaming prior to making the ISO in nLite.

Pls help! :(

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try to redo the xpcd again using nlite 1.05b. also redownload slipstreamer again. or wait for RyanVM's pack 1.3.0..............


what is that toolbar problem?

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