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MS Media Player 9 or 10?


Which do you prefer/find easiest to use?  

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  1. 1. Which do you prefer/find easiest to use?

    • Windows Media Player 9
    • Windows Media Player 10

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I prefer 10 because the interface is "visually pleasing" but at the same time after an hour or so of using 10 sometimes it seems like my whole system slows down (possibly due to the large mp3 library I have)

On a side note to your "do not say'I use this instead'" post, personally I've tried a lot of those other alternatives but for some reason there's always a quirk or a bad feature that makes me go back to WMP

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:blushing: I have Windows Media Player 10, but did not vote, just "Null", because I find all of them difficult to use. The people in Europe are lucky they get it ripped out of XP.

It needs someone to redesign the GUI. I find the play lists confusing. 209050.gif

I'd RTFM, but I don't think there is one. :}

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