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When Are You Able To Install With F6 Drivers?

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With the currrent problems with the MassStorage Driver pack, I am unable to install successfully with this driver pack. I was told it was *Impossible* to install with F6 Option if you have FullUnattended in your Winnt.sif, but the issue isnt clear. Does anyone know how to install With F6 while keeping it unattended installation (not the F6 part of course)

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This was the only topic I could find that was close to this topic. The BSOD I was refering to I found out was caused by the NVRaid Drivers from your Mass Storage packs current bug. So I guess I have Two questions:

1) Is the NVRaid / NV IDE bugs squashed in your next Release?

2) How is it possible to use F6 while keeping it unattended?

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Its hard to search for this problem because f6 is not valid to search for due to the fact its only 2 characters. I am wondering the same thing, I heard it was impossible to use f6 with an unattended install as well but do not understand the reason why it does not work. Thats why I wanted to try the masstorage driver.

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1) going for a test in a couple of hours.. but note that I can only test on a nForce 2 Ultra...

2) Personally I do think that it should work just fine, however everyone says it's impossible. Here it just asks to press F6 if I want to, even though I've set


in my winnt.sif...

Did you already give it a try or not???

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oh :o :o

I thought you were asking because it DIDN'T work! But you simply didn't test... You don't actually have to *install* Windows, just start setup, load the drivers using F6 and stop when you have to select your partition...

I guess it's this setting that's important


Make sure you DON'T have a 1 there, I think that's the reason why he doesn't give the ability to press F6.

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No no I have tested it (and I do have the ability to press f6 and integrate drivers), but I meant I havent done anything in addition to that. I can do F6, but as many others have experienced it is unable to copy the file over when it starts to the copying process.

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I think I found the solution. Now I have integrated Masstorage DP and working F6 (not breaking unattended installation). Thats what I've done:

1. Integrate BTS's Driverpacks. I'm using method 2.

2. Set OemPreinstall=No in winnt.sif. In this case your $OEM$ folder won't work. Maybe you also need to set AutoPartition=0 (I didn't check it. But I set it to 0)

3. You can copy all necessary files through presetup.cmd, which is in your i386 folder after itegrating Driverpacks. So you don't need $OEM$ folder.

For example:

xcopy /Y /s /e %CDDRIVE%\OEM\win\*.* %SystemRoot%\

All files in cdromdrive\oem\win\ will be copied to systemdrive\Windows\

That's all.

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The bashrat pack do this "procedure" in your site.

But we want to add an ADDITIONNAL driver which come after (if i have a new computer in 1year i would like to install the new raid drivers without to rebuild a new cd and just insert my floppy)

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