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  1. Helloo!!! i would like to make a BATCH or a VBS which get the HOSTNAME, supress ALL the caracters after the 7th and to add AB at the end... also i would like to connect a drive to it: net use o: \\XXXXXXXAB\folder$ is it possible?
  2. Windows Live™ Favorites beta

    http://www.netvibes.com own Windows Live! Bookmark management / All Mails support / Rss Reader / Flirkr and many others!
  3. print pdf from command line

    I have found the answer on planet PDF search with pdfp.exe
  4. I would like to print a file blu.pdf from command line. i have test : AcroRd32.exe /t "c:\blu.pdf" the print is ok but it open the pdf file in acrobat reader.I would like to print it (not convert) without any window... I can use the default printer of the computer. Is it possible?
  5. The bashrat pack do this "procedure" in your site. But we want to add an ADDITIONNAL driver which come after (if i have a new computer in 1year i would like to install the new raid drivers without to rebuild a new cd and just insert my floppy)
  6. The thread which bashrat talk is --> http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=41881 Same problem not with F6 but with COPYING process Floppy / Cdrom
  7. Windows 2000 Quick NTFS Format

    You can launch recovery console before an install?
  8. Corporate Soe

    I have about 180 computers in my corporate. I use unattend CD for installing most part of a system. Win2k/ AS400 Emulator / Pdf Reader / Zip / Antivirus / Image viewer / Network setting / Services / Reg key / IE preconfigure with ieak are silent and unattend. The drivers are for most part into $OEM$ and i add manually "the" others. Install Office with unatend silent office2KSP3 preconfigured parameters. Before the IT use Image with drive image but with so many different computers we can't continue with this .PQI The majority of the computers are stable for 3 or 5 years of use and the image are out of date when we have to re-install.(WinNT4, Office 97, Ie5 are the last images i found when i have to rebuild a pc.
  9. Is There A Driver List Index

    Check out the FILE folder into base pack driver. There are many HTML files which explain Where are the drivers / The name / The version / The location. For each type of pack
  10. Dilemma...

    hum :'( With provideDefault it do not copy the oem dir and do not preinstall (i have the preinstall as Yes in my winnt.sif file) so sad...
  11. Windows 2000 Quick NTFS Format

    Maybe it was a win PE cd?
  12. Rollup Security Pack Beta

    This is the content of Update subfolder
  13. Rollup Security Pack Beta

    What kinds of bug?
  14. Rollup Security Pack Beta

    Here is the screen: