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Hi echap,

Have been doing some testing and the current way that RunOnceExMaker is outputting the Xplode XML is now working correctly. The format that RunOnceExMaker is outputing is like this below:

<item display='WinRAR 3.51' >
<execute display='WinRAR 3.51' program='utils\wrar351r.exe' arguments='/s' />

The correct code needs to be as follows:

<item display="WinRAR 3.51">
<execute display="WinRAR 3.51" desc="Installs WinRAR 3.51">

Please let me know if you need any more information.

Look forward to an update :D

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Wow, this looks really cool and simple to use. I''ve noticed a "bug" if you can call it that. In the new 0,7 version it still says 0.6 if you click about. And perhaps under help you should add a short introduction as to how to implement this on a windows install disc. I'm personally not entierly sure what to copy where in the $OEM$ folder.

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