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Wpi.hta Unresponsive

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Oh you were asking if I installed from an nLite CD? No, I haven't. The current system I'm running on hasn't had any stuff removed. It's a pure installed Win XP with an added SP2. Only things I've changed is the uxtheme.dll

I thought you meant, am I using WPI for a nLited image. Like I created my nLited folder, and needed only to add applications and then create an ISO.

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Ok. So now it's clear that you're using a clean XP install. WPI should run then. Well - it doesn't.

My next questions to track the errors are:

You downloaded WPI and unzipped it. Where ? Which folder did you use ? (what's the full path to wpi.cmd)

What's the full text of these error msgs ? (line numbers, file names ??)

You didn't change anything, just unzipped it ?

Which OS language do you use ?

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I just installed it to the same location as you did, and it opened automatically. cant understand why I get it but you don't. I am also running winxp with sp2 slipstreamed and seemed to open up just fine.

I cant give you relevent info to why this does not work for you, since I have no clue on how and where to modify the scripts. Just wanted to let you know that the default theme opened just fine and all the relevent buttons worked.

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I solve this prblem that:

Double click on the WPI.hta then I saw window 'Windows cannot open this file; choose a program" and I choose c:\windows\system32\mshta.exe.

All works.

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