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  1. Thank you prompt reply I will check that out. I don't want too much to kill memory. I want to open for example IE for 5 or more windows at the same time and then close it few min. later and it will continue until user ends it by manually. that's what I am trying to do. I was familiar with c++ but I forgot.
  2. I am trying to make a little program. I need little help on it because i am new to it. The program i am trying to make it is following.. For example I want to open a specific program and its duplicate or specify how many duplicates i want to open of that program and close it in certain min later. It will continue until you user end it manually. it is like open same program 5 time and couple min later close it by itself and reopen again and continue closing after couple min later. it repeats until manually ended. Please help to make the code... I am testing some program so i need the code test it. Thank you...
  3. yahoo messenger 7 is final

    is there any registry tweak for yahoo messenger? I would like to have some tweak such as start-up disable and so forth...
  4. Bug or not Sure

    I know why they can make the Iso I had the same problem. I figure it out some how. You have to make a folder then you can make Iso it is output folder i am talking about.
  5. [Released] Windows XP PowerPacker v1.0 RC5

    @Siginet what about the Driver that I download from BTS it will intergrated with my powerpack xp.
  6. [Released] Windows XP PowerPacker v1.0 RC5

    @Siginet I had the same problem I couldn't make ISO file but I give up... I want to know about your program what it does. I think I am new to this field. By the way would you let me know something. I followed your instruction about BTS DB I have add all the drive but when I use ur program to intergrated it comes 450 MB. Unfortunate the drive itself 700 MB + windows xp 500 MB I am wonder why it so small.
  7. A New Cd-switching Utility

    @Nanaki Can you give me few example it will help me better? Thanks for the help..
  8. New Yahoo Messenger with voice

    Put like this "/S" it will work.
  9. A New Cd-switching Utility

    how do I use the program in wpi? any idea please let me know.
  10. [Released] Windows XP PowerPacker v1.0 RC5

    Dude If you can make program with cd-switching and intergrated wpi. It will be so cool. It is a suggestion.
  11. A New Cd-switching Utility

    cool I like but I didn't test yet.... I am going test until I finish all my program add to my unattended.
  12. Opera v8.01.7583

    Thanks Chill out
  13. Opera v8.01.7583

    how do you make unattended register?
  14. Opera v8.01.7583

    anyone know how to register silently for Opera v8.01.7583 and the silent key?
  15. [Release] Windows XP PowerPacker

    Does it help to install the program or change cd while installing another program from another CD? It will be a great idea if you do so I had a plan due to illeterate of programming I can't do that. I am just giving some feedback. Peace................and chill out........