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  1. Greetings, I was wondering if it'd be possible to get the attached photo in PNG format to a transparent or GIF format so it would fit behind my tables. I have the PSD if anyone would like to try some experimentation. I would like to have the corners show, but I haven't been successful at my feeble attempts. If anyone can help, I'd be much abliged. I included a mock up of what I had in mind. Even if you can't do transparent background, maybe a Vista Glass type background. Anyway, I'm not really expecting much help, so any small amount would be awesome! If nothing can be done, maybe somebody could make me a Vista or MAC OSX layout or background for tables?
  2. I tried that first, and it didn't work on this computer. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  3. If I turn it on and off using the tweak, won't it just recreate the files when it's turned on? I thought there was a tweaked version of the sfc_os.dll and sfcfiles.dll that had all protection, just didn't protect "Program Files"
  4. I was under the impression that using nLite's sfc_os.dl_ completely turned off Windows File Protection. I want it on to protect my system, just not to protect "Program Files" (But if possible I would like it to protect Common Files within "Program Files"). If that makes sense
  5. Greetings, I'm having a problem with my Unattended CD. I'm using nLite, but can't get the required results. What I'm trying to do is simply disable protection of my Program Files Folder (Except Common Files), so I can delete the useless folders (xerox, movie maker, etc...). From what I've assessed in reading 60+ posts about it, I need a hacked sfc_os.dll & a hacked sfcfiles.dll. The one's I've found don't work on SP2. Again, the only thing I want to do is turn off protection for "Program Files" folder (Preferrably maintaing Common Files Protection). For an id*** such as I, the best post would be just the sfc_os.dl_ & the sfcfiles.dl_ so I can replace, along with the coding that I put in my winnt.sif. Please don't post a link to another post, trust me I've read it before! I'm not trying to to be pushy or rude. I have been looking for a long time and feared posting. Because if this has already been posted in the last 10 years, I'm going to get scorched! Anyway, I know there's someone in here with a kindly heart...it's a matter of finding them.
  6. Oh you were asking if I installed from an nLite CD? No, I haven't. The current system I'm running on hasn't had any stuff removed. It's a pure installed Win XP with an added SP2. Only things I've changed is the uxtheme.dll I thought you meant, am I using WPI for a nLited image. Like I created my nLited folder, and needed only to add applications and then create an ISO.
  7. Okay, I'll just wait. I did try to run just the wpi.hta, same results. Hopefully, I'll get it to run sometime or another. Thanks a million for your responses. I've actually had this problem for a long time, but feared getting totally negative responses. Hopefully, I'll get some aid by people as helpful as yourself.
  8. Here's what I did. I downloaded WPI, unzipped [the default unzipped folder], than I ran the .cmd, when I got to the "Which program" I chose mshta.exe. I then got the aforementioned errors Is there something I'm doing wrong? Do I have to run it from precreated $OEM$ folders? Do I go through creating all the unattended application junk [Putting .exe(s) in "Install" folders, etc...] and then run WPI? So it is like nLite, where I use the program first, and I create the necessary paths. THEN, I implement it? Boy, I'm confused, I just wanted to unattend install programs with the sweet custom interface!
  9. No. Maybe I've got it wrong as to what WPI is. It is a stand-alone program that you customize then put into the respective folders, and add the necessary codes, right? Or do I have to put it into the $OEM$ folders, then install and customize? Sorry, but I've confused myself soooooo bad.
  10. Yes, that's how I created it. Hotfixes from RyanVM.
  11. I tried a new download, and I got the same errors. Here's examples of some: "Automation server can't create object" "fso is null" "Undefined is null"
  12. It's set at 1024x768, I'll try a new download.
  13. Thanks, I did that, but I got a blank white screen and a whole bunch of javascript errors. Any suggestions?
  14. Hello, I'm having a problem just starting WPI. I downloaded the ZIP, and I've tried 2 ways of opening the .hta. I'd double clicked the .cmd and I've double clicked the .hta. The same thing happens. I get a window the 'Windows cannot open this file; choose a program" and I choose IE 6, then I get a warning window with options pertaining to a HTML Application, I've tried both "Save" and "Run", both just do nothing. I've looked at all 7 pages of this forum, and over 50 posts. The closest thing I could find was a problem, but the solution was that it was a dual screen setup, and I'm not running that. Anyway, if anyone could help me out, I'd really appreciate it. Also, if I'm asking a FAQ or something, please don't refer me to a single website [i've been to them all], refer me to a specific article/document/post. Thanks

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