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Make Your Own Windows Dialog... Funny, Free & Easy


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biggrin.gif Go to http://atom.smasher.org/ and you can make your own Windows Error Dialog Box. It is really easy to do, Free, Entertaining, and the website will display it for you in png format. Then you can save it, POST it as your Sig, etc...

Preview: Virus1.png

There is also a "Picture Sign" that you can modify. (*.jpg)

Preview: Sign1.jpg

NOTE: You can not directly link to the picture - Use a webserver insted. if you do not have access to one here is a few; All Are FREE B) :

* Eazy Share

- Must sign up

- upload 2 files at a time

- File size limit 1 MB

- No bandwidth limit

- Storage 5 MB

- File types allowed: JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, JPEG, ZIP, RAR

* Dynamic Innovations Or if your lazy D I

- More Info "Here". http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=38742

* http://imagehost.astromike.com/

- You MUST sign up to use the above site.

- Image size must be under 250KB.

- All uploaded images are reviewed.

- Innapropriate images will be removed.

- Images that are more than 6 months old will be removed.

- Allowed File Types: jpg, png, jpeg, gif

- The webmaster has the right to remove any image that uses excess bandwidth!

* Image Shack

- Visit Website for more info.


BTW. I hope the arthur of the website doesn't mind all the extra trafic! :whistle::blushing::w00t:

Edit: LOL - While I was updating my POST with the previews, MCT beat me to it.tongue.gif

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