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Completed Setup Billboards


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These are all 256 colors images and using during installtion on that system that vga driver xp have. But intel 845, intel 865 or same pc useing 16 colors image during installion. So these are not visable in that setups. and also no effect will on that setups.

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I have one (probably) stupid question:

when I download one of those winntbuu.dl_ file and try to open it with XPreview I recieve message

"Could not read InternalName from WINNTBBU.DL_"

I downloaded winntbuu.dl_ and copy it in my i386 folder. I have there both WINNTBUU.DLL and WINNTBBU.DL_. Where is mistake? How to fix it???

Please help!

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why do you guys just place a naked butt instead of really making something?

wate up for my work.

coming soon



check it out here

the link will live as they say:

after uploading your file we will keep it forever as long as it is accessed at least once by anyone in 30 days


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