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  1. OK, this works fine, but it is not registered! How could I register it during installation? I found reg key for it, and now I don't know how to copy it in c:\Program Files\Total Commander. Please help!
  2. Many many many thanx to you! You make my day happy! Thanx a lot!
  3. I used nLite last time, and that didn't happen at T-13. That's OK, but ... When I finished installation I went to Add/Remove Programs and I found just one of 61 !!!!! How is it possible? Where are those 60 ? In Add/Remove Programs only win32 cabinet self-extractor type is installed. I want to know are others updates installed? Please, answer
  4. Uh, man! I didn't integrate them. If I did that, I don't know how! I just copied that hotfixes in SVCPACK folder in I386 and did this SVCPACK.txt. Thats' all! What should I do? And what should I have in [ProductCatalogsToInstall]? Thanx a lot!
  5. all of my hotfixes are type 1, according to MSFN explanation
  6. Yes ... but I can't find out which ones!
  7. Can someone tell me wahat is exactly command for this key in RunOnceEx reg delete "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Unlocker" /v OnlineVersion /f reg delete "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run" /v UnlockerAssistant /f Thank you!
  8. I would be glad to someone tells me if I don't need some updates, to delete it. Thanx again!
  9. Here it is: ;Windows XP [Version] signature="$Windows NT$" MajorVersion=5 MinorVersion=1 BuildNumber=2600 [setupData] CatalogSubDir = "\i386\svcpack" [ProductCatalogsToInstall] [setupHotfixesToRun] KB873339.exe /q /o /n /z KB885250.exe /q /o /n /z KB885835.exe /q /o /n /z KB885836.exe /q /o /n /z KB886185.exe /q /o /n /z KB887742.exe /q /o /n /z KB888113.exe /q /o /n /z KB888302.exe /q /o /n /z KB890046.exe /q /o /n /z KB890859.exe /q /o /n /z KB891781.exe /q /o /n /z KB893756.exe /q /o /n /z KB894391.exe /q /o /n /z KB896358.exe /q /o /n /z KB896422.exe /q /o /n /z KB896423.exe /q /o /n /z KB896424.exe /q /o /n /z KB896428.exe /q /o /n /z KB896688.exe /q /o /n /z KB898461.exe /q /o /n /z KB899587.exe /q /o /n /z KB899589.exe /q /o /n /z KB899591.exe /q /o /n /z KB900725.exe /q /o /n /z KB901017.exe /q /o /n /z KB901190.exe /q /o /n /z KB901214.exe /q /o /n /z KB902400.exe /q /o /n /z KB904706.exe /q /o /n /z KB905414.exe /q /o /n /z KB905749.exe /q /o /n /z KB905915.exe /q /o /n /z KB908519.exe /q /o /n /z KB911280.exe /q /o /n /z KB911564.exe /q /o /n /z KB911565.exe /q /o /n /z KB911927.exe /q /o /n /z KB912919.exe /q /o /n /z KB913446.exe /q /o /n /z KB914388.exe /q /o /n /z KB920685.exe /q /o /n /z KB923191.exe /q /o /n /z KB923414.exe /q /o /n /z KB923689.exe /q /o /n /z KB923980.exe /q /o /n /z KB924270.exe /q /o /n /z KB924667.exe /q /o /n /z KB925902.exe /q /o /n /z KB926247.exe /q /o /n /z KB926436.exe /q /o /n /z KB927802.exe /q /o /n /z KB928255.exe /q /o /n /z KB929123.exe /q /o /n /z KB929969.exe /q /o /n /z KB930178.exe /q /o /n /z KB931784.exe /q /o /n /z KB932168.exe /q /o /n /z KB935448.exe /q /o /n /z KB935839.exe /q /o /n /z KB935840.exe /q /o /n /z KB935843.exe /q /o /n /z qchain.exe
  10. Dudes, I need your help again. This is problem: I made unattended WindowsXP instalation, and it installs critical updates through SVCPACK method. The problem occurs in T-13 when I get message "Please choose directrory to extract files". It has some default adress. I just click OK, and it finishes instalation of critical updates and then go further with instalation of Windows. How could I escape that message?
  11. Hello there! I have (maybe) similar problem & I need your help! When I installed my unattended WindowsXP I realize that I could no longer install some visual styles because of Windows File Protection. Now, I'm desperate because I can't install my favourite Flyakite (MacOSX) theme ... I found out that problem is related with uxtheme.dll (or something like that). I tried some patch that I found on Net, but nothing helped. What could I do? Please help me!

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