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7z sfx without Cancel Button - DONE

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Is that DoIT!.bat a generic thing ?

I have tried in the past to use the

coby /b config.txt + compressedthing.7z + 7zsC.sfx installer.exe

but this doesnt seem to work, I got this info from the evilvoice nero tutorial with a compressed .sfx usinf upx like he did in hs guide.

Cant wait to try when I get home B)

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SFX_Module Description

7z.sfx Windows version.

7zC.sfx Compressed windows version .

7zCon.sfx Console version.

7zS.sfx Windows version for installers.

7zSD.sfx Windows version for installers (uses MSVCRT.dll).

SFX modules for installers

SFX modules for installers (7zS.sfx and 7zSD.sfx) allow to create installation program. Such module extracts archive to temp folder and then runs specified program and removes temp files after program finishing. Self-extract archive for installers must be created as joining 3 files: SFX_Module, Installer_Config, 7z_Archive. Installer_Config is optional file. You can use the following command to create installer self-extract archive:

copy /b 7zSc.sfx + config.txt + archive.7z archive.exe

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coby /b config.txt + compressedthing.7z + 7zsC.sfx installer.exe

you have typo and wrong order and spacing.

it is suppose to be

copy /b 7zSc.sfx + config.txt + archive.7z archive.exe

i suggest u download the latest version of 7zip.

and replace the sfx with the one u find here. enjoy!

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Old news.... :zzz:

I've been doing this type of thing at work with winrar for ages. Heck they even want you  to do it, hence why they offer uncompressed extraction engines for download.

Move along people, nothing to see here....

Oh, but that's winrar. And this is 7zip.

And yes, its interesting for a lot of people, so you can't say that its old news for them.

Anyways, it would be nice to know a few more tips that you know. Considering you knew this one since a lot of time. :yes:

I agree its easy to shoot down, but as you know more about this subject using Winrar, I'm sure you could forward your findings & possibly contribute by presenting a guide??

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This is sort of on topic. I had always ASSumed that 7-Zip would always give you the best compression. In doing some experimentation however, I found that there are plenty of times when Zip using Deflate64 actually results in a smaller file. We're not talking about anything extraordinary here, but when using a DVD is not an option for whatever reason, every little bit helps.

Regarding WinRar: I really like their sfx building options the most out of all the compressors out there. It's too bad they haven't upgraded their compression scheme in a while. Even just bumping up the dictionary size.

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Along those same notes, I've found CAB with LZX:21 compression to be on par most of the time with LZMA (7zip) as well. 7zip's certainly not infallible, but it does work quite well pretty much all the time.

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I have been playing around with 7z after trying the excellent tutes of Astalavista & evilvoice. Mainly trying to figure out what was going on with these sfx modules (I know I'm dense).

Whilst replacing the icon in one such file I also tried deleting the Cancel button from the Dialog (and resizing it to suit)

It works fine. Still get a progress bar but check it out. This is an Office package as per Astalavistas tutorial. Cancel button removed using Reshacker.

Nothing really new here. I did this a long time ago. Anyway I'm glad it's helping people on this forum. Later.

Edited by 1chaoticadult
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Don't want to sound bitter but . . .

Ain't it amazing that once you announce that you've managed something then folks appear from everywhere sayin' that they already knew about it!

Well if you know something - SHARE! The topic regarding this has been running for weeks. Don't just sit back feeling smug, that's what this forum is all about.

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Nothing really new here.  I did this a long time ago.  Anyway I'm glad it's helping people on this forum.  Later.

Senior members have been asking for the longest time, how to remove the cancel and gui extraction box.

And you knew how to do it without sharing? Seems rather strange.

:ph34r: trying to keep it a secret from all of us making 7zip compressed installers?

RyanVM, EvilVoice, SimonSays, Bashrat the Sneaky, Sixpack, RogueSpear and myself?

:} seems very strange u did not even bother to let us know.

As soon as i saw <SparTacuS> post i immediately sent PM's to everyone. :angel

Can u tell us why u didn't share? :sneaky:

I did some digging since i remember you from a post before.

Here is a post you made on Jan 15, 2005




that extraction dialog with cancel button should go!  (or atleast some switch to disable the cancel button from showing)

There's no switch to disable this yet... The author hasn't implement to switch to do this.

It seems a "long time" is about than 2 weeks ago?

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