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[Modding] Have you seen hellraiser?


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@puntoMX, i wish i could do something like that :P

i'm a great fan of modding but mine is just a couple of neons, light fans and a nice pc case :)


Come on,

I think you can make some thing like that your self, it´s glas, there are lots of ways to make it like that. Also work with some mirrors to get special effects (for example glas that reflects on one side and is transparent on the other side (don´t remember the name)). After that, glue it together. I did things before with a laser-cutter using DXF files (on Metal).

Also, your case doesn´t look that bad :) . That window, normaly isn´t that big I think...

EDIT: Shoot, didn´t click on the link :P... take a week to make it LOL.

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