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[todo] Official To-do List + Suggestions Thread


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This post is just so people don't suggest things that I already have on the cards.

The official (but not complete) list of things to do, in no particular order:

  • File includes
  • Runaway RAM allocation in GFXinstall
  • Re-add background image to GFX plugin
  • Conditional statements

This WILL be changed whenever I decide to add something, or have finished something, etc. etc.

If you have suggestions post below.

Colour list:

  • Yet to be looked at
  • Fixed in current beta version
  • Awaiting more information
  • Fixing bugs for next release

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[*]Add functionality to Selection plugin

The one where it will wait for 10 seconds (or probably ability to set the time to wait).

If no selections are made and install button pressed, it will just proceed with installing the default selections.

It should be possible with a html refresh tag that directs to the install function? (dunno...)

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take a look @ wpi maybe?

but my suggestion is, when making a .log file, what about having it output the problematic line :P

  XMLParser::LoadFile(C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\New Folder\XPlode.xml)
     Overlapping tags detected. Found "program" but needed to find "execute".
     Offending tag: <execute>

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Yeah it'd be doable via javascript... dunno HOW tho :P

I got this script to work after many painstaking minutes, as I use Firefox and not the "Other" product, so I wanted to make it conform to W3C standards. Simply load it into your browser and it "should" work. Although when I tested it in IE, it didn't work, so much for standards.

<span id="clock">00:00:11:00</span>
<input type=button value="start countdown!" onclick="onTimer()">
<input type=button value="stop countdown!" onclick="window.clearTimeout(timer);">
<script language="Javascript">

var elapse = 100;
var start = "00:00:11:00";
var finish = "00:00:00:00";
var timer = null;
function onTimer(i)

if (start == finish)
 alert("time is reach!");

var hms = new String(start).split(":");
var ms = new Number(hms[3]);
var s = new Number(hms[2]);
var m = new Number(hms[1]);
var h = new Number(hms[0]);

ms -= 10;
if (ms < 0)
 ms = 90;
 s -= 1;
 if (s < 0)
   s = 59;
   m -= 1;

 if (m < 0)
   m = 59;
   h -= 1;

var ms = ms < 10 ? ("0" + ms) : ms;
var ss = s < 10 ? ("0" + s) : s;
var sm = m < 10 ? ("0" + m) : m;
var sh = h < 10 ? ("0" + h) : h;

start = sh + ":" + sm + ":" + ss + ":" + ms;

timer = window.setTimeout("onTimer()",elapse);

    function writeLayer(layerID,txt){
                        node = document.getElementById(layerID);
                        var newRange = document.createRange();
                        var newHTML = newRange.createContextualFragment(txt);
              }else if(document.getElementById){
              }else if(document.all){
              }else if(document.layers){

The timer itself should work respective of which browser you use, it is only the writing the information to the screen that seems the problem that I was finding. If I could be of any more help with this drop me an email.

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Hello Wraith!

Sorry for my English.

I use your program XPlode.

I’d like to say I like it, but I have a suggestion.

Now to install a program (for example Nero) and to add the Nero settings to the system registry we should create two “execute” tags in “XPlode-SelectInstall.xml”.

We would like to have an opportunity to execute in one CheckBox several programs or commands.

Now it is not possible in XPlode.

P.S. Existing solution of using bat-files is not convenient.

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Sorry for my English.

Can Xplode add a CHECKED ONLY Box?

Such as qchain.exe, When you select one of above option(Hotfixes), this program MUST be execute at the end.

<input type=checkbox disabled checked>text</input>

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I have another method which I'm probably going to implement for such a thing.

What I'm thinking is another <items> container, but <pre-execute> and <post-execute>.

Essentially these will get run before and after the display plugin has spawned, so you can hide windows and whatnot before XPlode launches (CMDLINES.TXT, RunOnceEx etc.), or reboot the computer after execution.

If people think it's a good idea, I'll implement it, otherwise.........

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