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External hard drive not showing up


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Just got a Seagate 80GB hard drive......going to use it as an external drive. I connected it to my enclosure and it shows up in Device manager but does not show up on My Computer........what am I doing wrong.... I have other external drives that work just fine. Is there something about the jumpers I need to change ???

Win XP Pro

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Check disk management first and make sure it is there, partitioned, formatted, and drive letters assigned.

If it assigned a drive letter make sure you don't have a network drive mapped to the letter assigned to the drive. Windows will assign a physical drive a letter which is already assign to a network drive if without the network drive that letter would be the next letter to assign.

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if you have another pc try it on that id recomend see if its you or the drive.

if its you i have no clue whats needed but atleast you know now.....

if its the drive id try sticking it in a compy internaly and see if it works.

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Same problem here. My Segate 250gigs External HD is not showing up. I am using Windows XP.

I have an Asus Motherboard so i can't install SP2 heard that SPP2 and Asus are not compatible. When my friend installed SP2 on his PC (config similar to mine) his PC blacked out and would'nt boot.

Editing this post to fill in the solutions i found to my problem posted above:

1. My hard disk was bad. something wrong with the board. (Seagate does not cover that under the warranty :( all my cash down the drain :( )

2. Installed the BIOS update software from the Asus CD, downloaded latest version of BIOS, and flashed BIOS. Now, SP2 installs fine without any problems.

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