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oemlogo.bmp transparant?

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hello everyone

first of all, great community :) i've learned alot from you

there's one thing i can't find out

in the tutorial that explains how to edit the oemlogo there's a line:

Its a good idea to keep it transparent so it blends into the colour of the System Properties window!

is it possible to make a bmp transparant??


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use paint shop pro 7

make your image (size 180x114)

convert it to 256 colors

from the menu select:

colors>set palette transparency

click on a color you wish to be transparent


save as oemlogo.bmp

copy it to system32 folder

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well there is a way to do it that ALWAYS work:

create a new bmp, be sure to use as background color 255,0,255 (or 0,255,0 or any other non-common color). the trick is that the 1,1 pixel of the image and the last 180,114 have to be of the same (transparent) color

draw inside or paste your favorite logo

save the image as 256 color bmp and it will work.

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