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Firefox / IE question

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I'm really liking WPI, but I want to be able to remove IE6 completely from my XP install. I know WPI says it needs that to work, but is there a work around to that?

If I installed firefox before running WPI could it run off that instead?

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I don't know. It's not IE directly that WPI runs on. It's the HTML Apllication Host (mshta.exe in system32 - directory) that executes .hta files. I think it utilizes IE-dlls and so on, but so do the windows explorer and the active desktop ...

I won't try to remove my IE from my system only to check this, sorry. Try for yourself and post the results.

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Have tryed it to,

nothing untill now,

MSHTA.exe indead is using some files from the ie core,

Wich i still cant seam to destinguish (sorry for bad spelling)

wich file to keep and wich to dump,

For now i stil cant real tell, the only one im sure about is mshtml.dll

For those who thought about it, there is no chance of patching mshta.exe

to use the Moz-Active X project, it wont work, though anyone could try building a mini (batch controlled ... Jscript enabled ... Gecko based) browser >> if he/she cann but for now, there is now alternative for HTA but IE ...

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I have used Nlite to remove IE, but I leave the IE core in ther due to the amount of stuff (read "crap") that uses this stuff. I have found that depending on which Windows XP (SP2) CD I used, I had problems with WPI.

Yes as hasi has stated WPI is designed for IE, but I have had it working when I have IE removed. What I have down in my launch file is added the following code:

@="HTML Application"




@="C:\\WINDOWS\\System32\\mshta.exe \"%1\" %*"

"Content Type"="application/hta"


@="HTML Application"





I add these to the registery before I launch wpi.hta and it runs fine. The only problem I had after this, was that I was getting Javascript errors. I found that by turning off transitions that I no longer had this problem.

By the way thanks hasi for a great app, cheers :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

still looking for it though...

im thinking of Compleately removing IE and its CORE,

and than trying to find out wich files are mandatorie to keep..

but i realy WANT MS IE out O. U. T. out... :realmad:

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