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notepad replacement

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notepad replacement

how do i convert this to wpi method?

REN %systemdrive%\WINDOWS\System32\dllcache\notepad.exe notepad.old

COPY "%CDROM%\Software\notepad.exe" "%systemdrive%\WINDOWS\System32\dllcache\"

REN %systemdrive%\WINDOWS\System32\notepad.exe notepad.old

COPY "%CDROM%\Software\notepad.exe" "%systemdrive%\WINDOWS\System32\"

REN %systemdrive%\WINDOWS\notepad.exe notepad.old

COPY "%CDROM%\Software\notepad.exe" "%systemdrive%\WINDOWS\"

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Try this

cmd1[pn]=['cmd.exe /C REN %windir%\\System32\\dllcache\\notepad.exe notepad.old']

cmd2[pn]=['cmd.exe /C COPY %CDROM%\\Software\\notepad.exe %windir%\\System32\\dllcache\\notepad.exe']

cmd3[pn]=['cmd.exe /C REN %windir%\\System32\\notepad.exe notepad.old']

cmd4[pn]=['cmd.exe /C COPY %CDROM%\\Software\\notepad.exe %windir%\\System32\\notepad.exe']

cmd5[pn]=['cmd.exe /C REN %windir%\\notepad.exe notepad.old']

cmd6[pn]=['cmd.exe /C COPY %CDROM%\\Software\\notepad.exe %windir%\\notepad.exe']

notice the %windir% and not %systemdrive%\\WINDOWS is shorter


a06lp - Great minds think alike :D

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a06lp - Great minds think alike  :D

Too true. :P

Also, note that you do not need to write the full "cmd.exe /C" as Bulldog suggested.

I use a simple "cmd /c" as mentioned above. No problems using it with any version.


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Does anyone know if Notepad2 Notepad.exe can be slipstreamed?

The Original Notepad.exe is in NOTEPAD.EX_ in the I386 Folder.

If I just replace that will it work?

[EDIT] Already Answered (the above method will work):



You can, but you must proceed doing it in these steps, or installation will fail:

1. rename notepad2.exe to notepad.exe

2. use modifype.exe to add crc checksumdata to notepad.exe

3. makecab the file to notepad.ex_ and replace it on your cd.

ModifyPE 0.81

modifyPE.exe notepad.exe -c
makecab notepad.exe

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using SFX

example on how to COULD be,

>>> remove notpad..exe from your windows Install source... (for example with Nlite,

>>> make 2 SFX archives, 1: Notepad_old.exe 2: notepad_new.exe

--> in these sfx files define, that the content must be extracted to: "%windir%\System32"

now you could make a litle javascript to enable a user to chose what version he wants,

you could, do this multiple ways, 1 is a checkbox,

if ( document.checkbox.check). {  '/start  notepad_new.exe'}  
else {  '/start notepad_old.exe}

or you could even use radio buttons for, none / old / new

or whatever you'd like... this would be a lot easier, specialy when, you want to keep WFP on...

note this code isn't complete, look at it yourself to get it working,

didn't have the time to check out the exact spelling in some parst of it so i left them out, (look at the writefunction to see how)...

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