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Do you smoke


Do you smoke  

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lol i voted No and I hate smokers i don't really hate smokers, but i hate the idea of smoking :P

i think its up to anyone who wants to smoke if they wnt to, but i find it highly annoying when a smoke complains to me about his or her rights to smoke, and i think, what the hell, this is the ONLY non smoking bar in this area, there are 12 bars with 200 metres of this place, ALL of them allow smoking, so why go to the *ONLY* non smoking bar to complain about the fact you can't smoke, i get quite touchy because as much as it is their right to sit next to me and smoke, its as much my write to not want someon to blow smoke into my face, however i don't purposly go into places that people smoke heavily to complain about it, i accept that its my choice to go to these places.

Strangly enough a lot of bar owners were said they were against banning smoking becuse it would drive away customers, this non smoking place is the only place which is always full, and always has people waiting to get in outside, doesn't that say something?

anyways ya, smoke if you want to, jsut don't smoke purely to get touchy about how its your right to smoke.

also a friend of mine she is a nurse, well she smokes, but she finds it disgusting when people smoke when pregnant, she delivered her first baby 2 weeks ago, the mother refused to give up smoking, she told me when it was delivered you could smell the smoke on the baby, it was less than a minute old and already smoke stained. I find that disgusting.

anyways :P soz! but i've just had enough of 'its my right to smoke' talk, I love polite smokers, i used to know a girl who whenever she wanted a cigerate she would go outside and smoke not to bother anyone, we didn't even mind her smoking around because she was so nice about it!

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Smoking is baaaaaaaaaaadd for you. My grandpa died of lung cancer from smoking :(

I voted no rather than no I hate smokers. Why? Well, it does p*** me off when people smoke in public and I am forced to inhale their nasty fumes, but I do not hate them - I hate the greedy tobacco companies. They're just in it to make money, but so many people die from smoking.

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I've smoked for about 18 years now. It's expensive, unhealthy, anti-social to some people, but the fact is that I was stupid enough to start and now I'm addicted. I want to stop but willpower isn't something I have in abundance.

Regarding the expense, does anyone realise how much other taxes would/will increase if all smokers actually kicked the habit? Here in the UK at least half the price of cigarettes and tobacco is tax. If the government can't get any cash from that, income tax will rise, road tax will increase, the duty on petrol will be raised, VAT will go up.

As for the health risks, what won't cause cancer these days? A recent news report linked various cancers to red meat, alcohol, even being overweight. When my father gave up smoking he piled on the weight. Great, you give up smoking and run the risk of getting another kind of cancer instead.

Lastly, the anti-social aspect. Well, I've met plenty of non-smoking, violent, foul mouthed yobs who do far more damage to society than cigarettes. At least a cigarette is gone after a few minutes.

I know that none of the above justify smoking, I just want the doom-mongering, anti-smoking preachers to realise that if/when I give up, they'll still have plenty to whine and worry about.

Did you know that white people kill more people than smoking or being around smokers does every day???

Should we ban white people?

P.S. Before you jump me I AM white :P

By white people, I would assume that means white Americans? If so, feel free to ban them.

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I don't smoke, I hate when peoples smoke next to me, specially at the bus stop.

I'm a smoker (sadly) and I hate being around people that smoke. If I feel the need to light up outside, I do so well enough away from people and downwind from them. I don't smoke in my house either. Having an unhealthy habit is one thing, but please be considerate of others.

I'm down to less than 15 smokes a week. Now if I can make it to zero...

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