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IE Restricted sites list


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And then?

I do not understand your problem.

It is enough for you to save the files *.reg and of the additionners enter they, and is good! I you council to make a file inf like this:


log0="\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\ActiveX



var0="Compatibility Flags"



var1="Compatibility Flags"



var2="Compatibility Flags"


...ect okay?

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BTW maybe someone find it interesting -

I was preparing corporate strategy against spyware for two big companies... We prepared lab for testing purposes and installed software from "amateur" solutions like Spybot to professional like corporate PestPatrol - and what do U think?

Using KillBits and RestrictedSites was quite enough strong protection, even against threats like CWS! It really surprised me I have to say.

BTW from normal solutions the best one was from ex-Giant

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Somewhat on topic anyone know a killbit or registry tweak to prevent Toolbars (such as AOL, MySearch, ETC) from being installed?

I already have "enable 3rd party browser extensions unchecked" but I dont think thats enough. FYI: I use Firefox and this tweak is not for me B)

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