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New Features of Version 2.0

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but where can i get msdos 8.0

You can't. MSDOS is dead. There is no legal download.


You can use Free-DOS. It is MUCH better than MS-DOS. You can use it besides

W98 (Dual-boot). :)

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MS-DOS 8.0 is not a standalone OS, comes only with Windows ME setup CD.

You can zip up all DOS 8 files, make a boot disk, etc, but you can't run Windows 98 or 95 [any release] on top of it.

MS-DOS 8 runs only WinME.

Best MS-DOS version is 7.10 bundled with Windows 98 SE.

It is not [unlike MS-DOS 8] a "stripped down" version with "disabled" features, it is a full-fledged DOS OS.

MS-DOS 7.10 is the most stable DOS OS I'm aware of.

The only thing MS-DOS 7 can't do "out of the box" is networking, without 3rd party tools, anyway.

That's why one needs certain networking/communications components from other DOS OSes or another [3rd party] DOS OS layer.

MS-DOS 7.10 performs best, especially if one adds certain [free(ware)] tools + replacements to make it even better:





Note that MS-DOS 7.10 from Win98 SE setup CD does not run WinME, 98 FE or 95 [any release].

MS-DOS 7.10 runs only Win98 SE.

FreeDOS still has bugs that need to be "ironed out".

Because it is a free GPL software, developers are few, and they take a while to update/fix the OS.



But certain components + tools from FreeDOS are ok to use with MS-DOS [any version above 6.0].

Hope this helps.

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How about adding File Encryptor, Folder Encryptor, To be able Password Files or Folders?

It would help security...

Not like a File Compressor like Winrar, I mean an option from the OS.

When the os encounters an error it could be sent to you apart from Microsoft, a critical error might help.

I still use Windows 98 because I can't play some games in XP, like Command & Conquer, Red Alert!

Another thing making like the Sp2 to prevent software, because some companies still run Win98 on internet

apart from an anti-virus, some games connects to the internet you could improve more in security and crashings and then after for performance. However, that will make users to move from ME to 98 if you're going

to improve 98.

You should had done it for ME, since its the latest version as Microsoft saids. :)

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Some people ARE working on an equivalent for ME, but many of us prefer to use 98SE for a variety of reasons, including easier time changing things without file protection, etc. Also, ME seems somewhat slower for many of us, and more crash-prone to others, YMMV. A big problem is the lack of access to DOS either as it comes up or goes down, etc.

With the 982ME project, who cares what MS thinks? They are dropping "support" for all of them equally anyway!


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