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  1. For some reason I thought the 8.x versions of iTunes were only compatible with 2.1+ iPod Touch/iPhone software. Seems I was wrong, though . I was already "pretending" to run firmware 2.2.1 on my iTouch through the FWChanger app (while I'm still running 2.0.2), and your iTunes 8 version works like a charm. So yes, I can finally confirm you did a great job! Thanks for the hard work, and sorry for bothering you. Cheers, Robin.
  2. Sounds like you've done a great job! Unfortunately I'm unable to test it, since I can't find the 7.7 version anywhere Shark's msfn repository root is forbidden as in 403, and I can't find previous versions on Elajua's website. Can they still be obtained from somewhere? anywhere? Many thanks in advance.
  3. Hey Gape, Just wanted to applaud both this project and all the effort being put into this. Nice to see you reached beta stage , looking forward to play around
  4. Another Pidgin vote here. Using a plugin, it even supports OTR messaging ...
  5. Ok, call me a noob, but I don't get it: 'Something' must be added to the registry first. So... what is something then? Nifty little tool by the way, can't wait to fool around with it
  6. Win98SE installs just fine with less than 512Mb RAM, I've installed it on less (must have been 128Mb, though it's too long ago to tell for sure )
  7. Nevel


    Hi there, Just noticed this thread, so here goes . I'm much more of a developer than a sysadmin, but sometimes the line gets a little thin. Besides, I feel more and more attracted to the OS side of things. That's why I was happily surprised to bump into this forum! During working hours I'm currently focusing on PHP/Oracle development, though I still love Delphi. Apart from that, I live in Amsterdam, and love spending my time together with friends (as long as I'm not glued to my keyboard ). Great to see you putting so much effort in developing, maintaining and listing about every Win detail I can imagine. Your work and knowlegde already made this forum a very valuable resource. Cheers, Nevel.
  8. Hi there, First of all: thanks for all the great work! Second: what ever happened to this 3a version? I was just wondering since http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?act=Re...5902837cfed06a1 still shows 2.1 as the latest version. Cheers, Nevel.
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