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can't repair xp


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It's because your cd is unattended. Please don't use the unattended setting in nLite

Please can you tell me the setting in winnt.sif (or whatever file it is listed in) that tells Windows that it is an unattended installation.

It's easier for me to manually amend this file as I have customized it for my system already and don't necessarily want to go through it all again with nlite.

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Like hp38guser posted before : It's a problem of an unattended CD.

You have to leave the winnt.sif off the CD and the repair function is available! :yes:

If you have any customized winnt.sif for your install, then simply copy it on a floppy disk.

So for repair installs the CD works fine and if you want to make setup unattended you just have to put the disk in your floppy before starting thr install. Setup automaticly searches for winnt.sif on a disk.

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Oh ppl..once I explained here how to keep the repair mode but it has his problems...

So here Im going to explain again how to keep Repair mode untouched, and still have a unnattended Win.

1º --> Make your nLited CD NORMALY has you usually do...apply hotfixes, remove stuff, tweaks..bla bla...

2º --> AFTER nLite processes everything and you reach the option to create an ISO, STOP HERE!!!

3º --> Explore the CD and look for WINNT.SIF and edit it:

4º --> See an [uNANTENDED] section? DELETE it completely

It will look like this:


MsDosInitiated = 0

UnattendedInstall = Yes


SFCQuota = 0


AutoLogon = Yes

TimeZone = 85

OEMSkipRegional = 1

OemSkipWelcome = 1




Language = 0816


JoinWorkgroup = WORKGROUP

5º --> Save the changes, create the ISO and its done..

Now heres a problem that almost nobody likes....You will lose all unantended options in TEXT MODE (ONLY)!!

So when you boot your WinXP CD, all the options will appear, all the Repair Options, disk formating etc...

Yeah you will have to press F8 to Agree with the License Agreement etc but still....You have just won the Repair mode and Repair Console....oh and no need to input serial and stuff...

I hope this helps, and I know that most unantended fanboys will start flamming, but I dont really care about that..And also this question will appear always till somebody makes this suggestion a sticky or something... B)

Good Luck dude.

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i think that should definatly be an option with nlite!

its a great idea, i was going to suggest having a dualboot boot cd one which loads up a winnt.sif with the setup and one that doesn't...

pressing f8 once doesn't exactly add to the setup...you have to choose the parition anyway so its not completly unattened

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Unbeliveable....This questions appears lots of times and WILL continue to appear from new nLite users and no mod gives even an opinion about this sugestion!!! S***!! :realmad::realmad:

Hell, I will not even try to help new users about this, because nobody cares about it, and surely I will not waste my time again trying to help someone about this issue!! :realmad::realmad:

Page 2 of nLite forum and its like never happened!!


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