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HOWTO: integrate wmp10 (with a lot of work)

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Ok, im only posting a new topic so people can look and find out how to do this...Ok lets start

First things to note...

you will end up with wmp10.cab being around 5mb, wmp10.in_ is not really worth noting the size, mp10setup.exe (I used 7zip) is around 9mb...grand total of around 14.5mb on cd...

current setup is wmp9 on cd is 16mb and mp10setup.exe (still using the same size as 7zip one) is 9mb...grand total of 25mb...

integrating wmp10 using mce files should be around 16mb (this assumes the file sizes havent changed)...grand total of 16mb


Also note that if you dont want wmp at all on your system, then you will save 14mb to 25mb depending on how you wanted to look at the situation...with least amount of work, youll save 25mb

Credits goto GreenMachine, nuhi, RyanVM, RaveRod

1. get mp10setup.exe

2. extract the contents of mp10setup.exe somewhere (mp10setup)

3. copy these files to someplace else (temp)


4. cab all those files into WMP10.cab (you can use makecab or cabarc)

5. copy mp10setup.exe and unregmp2.exe to your svcpack folder (unregmp2.exe is in the mp10setup folder)

6. delete mp10setup folder

7. edit svcpack.inf and include these lines

"mp10setup.exe /Q:A /c:""setup_wm.exe /Q /R:N /NoPID /DisallowSystemRestore /P:#e"""
"unregmp2.exe /Shortcuts /RegExts"

8. run nlite and ONLY select Components Removal...once there ONLY select Windows Media Player and Windows Media Codecs...let nlite remove them.

9. open dosnet.inf and add these lines under [Files]


10. open txtsetup.sif and add these lines under [sourceDisksFiles]

WMP10.inf = 1,,,,,,,20,0,0
WMP10.cab = 100,,,,,,_x,,3,3

11. delete temp folder

12. copy wmp10.in_ and wmp10.cab to your i386 folder

13. extract sysoc.in_ in your i386 folder, and add this line


14. makecab sysoc.inf (should end up with sysoc.in_)

15. delete sysoc.inf

16. Done

NOTES: If someone wants to host WMP10.cab, I can send the file to them, its about 4.98MB

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Looks great, but for one thing:

4. cab all those files into WMP10.cab (you can use makecab or cabarc)

How does one do that? If tried makecab, but I only get 1 file at a time in the cab fiie. I've tried googling, but nothing I can use. Can anyone tell me how?

If I've got it all, I'll post my findings.

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save as "makecab(one cab file).bat"

@echo off

rem Compressing WMP10.cab
echo .Set Cabinet=on>> WMP10.ddf
echo .Set Compress=on>> WMP10.ddf
echo .Set CompressionType=LZX>> WMP10.ddf
echo .Set CompressionMemory=21>> WMP10.ddf
echo .Set CabinetNameTemplate=WMP10.cab>> WMP10.ddf
echo .Set MaxDiskSize=CDROM>> WMP10.ddf
echo .Set FolderSizeThreshold=5000000>> WMP10.ddf
for /f %%i in ('dir temp /b') do echo temp\%%i>> WMP10.ddf
makecab /f WMP10.ddf

move disk1\WMP10.cab WMP10.cab
del temp\*.* /q/f
del WMP10.ddf
del setup.inf
del setup.rpt
rd disk1

this is assuming that you copied the files to dir named temp and that the bat file is in the dir above that...I used WMP10 as my main dir...so this is my dir structure for this


makecab.bat goes in this dir, mp10setup.exe should be in this dir also


files extracted from mp10setup.exe


files to be put in cab file

(since some people may not know what "-" means, it means that mp10setup and temp dirs are in WMP10 dir)

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or... you could just get CD1 from Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 which has WMP10 built in (instead of the usual WMP9 that comes with SP2)

or if you really wanted to slipstream WMP10 you should use the files from MCE 2005. This way the slipstream will even be signed and all :)

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MCE 2005 has WMP10 instead of WMP9. It has modified wmp.inf, wmfsdk.inf, txtsetup.sif, sysoc.inf and catfiles. And yes you can turn it into Pro if you replace that wellknown set of files (but that would be considered illegal)

evilvoice: do you need the files from mce 2005 to make a signed slipstream ?

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This is semi-topic related, but could almost use a thread of it's own. I was looking through the file layout.inf and noticed there are entries in there that refer to WMP9. And I was wondering, would it be beneficial to eliminate for instance wmp.inf from this listing and replace it with wmp10.inf?

I also noticed that nLite does not seem to remove anything from this file. Heck, I'm not even 100% sure what the file is for. It looks like it's telling setup which subdirectories all the various files should be copied to, but I don't know if it does more than that.

So, I'm really curious if our unattended installs would go any faster or be more reliable perhaps, if we were to groom the layout.inf file to more accurately reflect our modifications.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that this guide worked out great for me the first time through. Very well put together and thank you for all the time it will save me!

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