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BIG problem with pagefile

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I have a problem. After I install my custom install of XP with SP2 slipstreamed. I run a script to set the page file.

It sets, but after reboot goes back to the default. If I view the pagefile setting my self it still shows that it is a custom size set to my 1024. yet the actaul size isnt no where near it!

And no matter how many times after that I try to set it manauly the pagefile will grow to what I tell it, I check the size on my c drive. but after a reboot it goes back down!.

Now this is very strange. I must have done a bad tweak or something. Listed below is every tweak and install I do. If anyone can see a problem please let me know.

<snip> *attached

Please help if you can. Thanks!


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Wow thanks, forgot about the serial numbers, I took those out.

I already know that my Connectix Virtual PC wont adjust the page file.

So out of oh lets say 20 real installs this has been a problem on EVERY single one.

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*waits for alanoll to come buy 2 tell u u need code tags*
Well I'll tell that myself.
Happy? :P


It is a major turn-off to post such huge chunks of text. Its simply too mind-numbing, for anyone to bother seeing. Use

 tags for small bits of code, and attachments for larger amounts of text.
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I dont run any reg tweaks to set the page-file - confirm that you don't have any such either.

And then, I run the page-file command at first-logon. The below works perfectly for me:

cscript //nologo //B //T:600 %systemroot%\system32\pagefileconfig.vbs /change /I 256 /M 256 /VO *

The above sets a constant size of 256 MB for the swap-file, on the systemdrive (normally C: ). You need to change the "256" to the size that you want to set.

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So apply the pagefile tweak be for all other tweaks?

Hmhm good idea.

Problem is my tweaks are done before first login.

I may have to change my tweaks to be installed after login.

That might make all the differance since I cant find anywhere on the net of people with the same issuse, has to be one of my tweaks.

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Apply whatever tweak whenever you want. :P

No need to change anything else. I meant, check in your regtweaks whether you have any tweak that sets page-file - if so, it will conflict with this one.

And then, just run this command from a .CMD (if you use runonceex, call a .CMD from it) at first-logon - and your page-file is set.

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see the thing is it doesnt matter if I try to autoset the page file or not. after windows is installed it can be changed but it is reset after a reboot. So I need to find out what is doing that. I have no problem setting it in my tweaks. I just cant find out why it isnt sticking.

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I dot eh same thing! Thats just it, it use to never fail and hasnt for anyone else. So something is wrong either in my tweaks or something nlite maybe did. I saw a batch file run slowly on a slow test machine. something about the page file. but when I check the nlite comd file in the i386 there is nothing in there.

In other words I have a bug and need to fix it.

I suppose my only other option would be to recreate the cd from scratch, but first I will try the install without ANY tweaks. this will tell me if it is the install or the tweaks.

One quick note is it better to slipstream SP2 from a Org. Windows XP or is it ok with my XP with SP1 already on it from MS?

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People are giving advice, without the knowledge that you used nlite?

You should be able to slipstream either. So long as it has not been modified.

SP2 will just overwrite the SP1 stuff.

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I'll be darned!! I found the problem and to be honest I am a little surprised.

Turns out to be SAV 9.0 Corp build 1400.

I went through the setup set by step testing the page file after each turn. right after I installed SAV with this command line the pagefile started the problem again.

start /wait %systemdrive%\customxpsetupinstall\setup.msi /qb REBOOT=REALLYSUPPRESS RUNLIVEUPDATE=0

I will do some research on this on nortons website and see what I can find.

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