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have notepad in send-to


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Here's a tip I've been using since some years - thought it'd be good to share it. Now, this is obviously not a new tip I concocted - many have been using it since much longer.

Many apply a registry tweak to have notepad as an option for unknown file types. We frequently see such files which are actually just text, but named with some odd file-extension. And then, some suspicious files which we want to make sure what the contents are. Well, in such cases where the registry tweak is applied, the downside happens to be that even some known files get associated with notepad - but no, all we want is to be able to open a file with notepad - the association part in such cases is unwanted interference. Also, notepad becomes a permanent fixture on the right-click menu - which is again an annoyance.

So what we do, is to have notepad as an option in the Send-To options, of the right-click menu in explorer. It fulfils the purpose to perfection (atleast, in my case). Here's what we do:

1. right-click desktop, choose "New >> Shortcut"

2. Type the location of the item - "notepad" - (that's all, no need to give path)

3. Next >> type name for shortcut - "Edit with Notepad"

4. Click finish

5. Now right-click this shortcut on the desktop, and choose properties.

6. Confirm that the "target" and "start in" fields are using variables - "%windir%\system32\notepad.exe" - (absolute paths will be problematic if you use this .LNK on machines other than your own)

7. Now, browse to "%UserProfile%\SendTo" in explorer (which means "C:\Documents and Settings\User_Name\SendTo\" folder)

8. And copy the "Edit with Notepad.lnk" file which you already created, to that folder.

9. So now, you can right-click on ANY file-type, and be offered an option to open with notepad, from the SendTo sub-menu.

So now, you just right-click on an .nfo or .eml or .diz file (which are associated with other programs, and are sometimes just plain-text files), and choose "Send To >> Edit with Notepad" and it will open in notepad! :thumbup

No more botheration of applying registry tweaks for something as simple as this.

For those of you unattenders out there, kill the "open with notepad" registry tweak - it causes more grief than its worth (yes, I know since I was using it for a long time). Just put the "Edit with Notepad.lnk" in "$OEM$\$Docs\Default User\SendTo\" folder on your CD, to have it do the file placing for you automatically.

You can use this technique in more ways as well. For example, if you frequently keep moving files to a particular folder, have its shortcut in SendTo. And if you frequently run many files through a script, just put that script/batch-file in SendTo as an option. And any other application that you want to receive files into (like maybe some app that will take incoming file paths as an argument and upload it somewhere) to carry out some action. Whatever.... its your imagination that will make it come alive. :yes:

Enjoy! And yes, if someone is using this tip after seeing this topic, please post, so we can know if you're happy or not. :D

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Nice for someone to spread the word.

I discovered ConTEXT there some time ago and have been using that myself but never thought of it as a actual tweak. I see now.

BTW I quit using that Notepad thing also back then. Help's clear the right click a little snce mine is crowded.

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You can also choose to copy the Notepad.lnk from the

Default User\Start Menu\Programs\Accessories

to the

$OEM$\$Docs\Default User\SendTo

folder of your unattended CD. That way ALL users will have the right-click - send-to-notepad link.

Better and quicker if your asking me. :thumbup

EDIT: To view .NFO files ANSI ART correctly in Notepad, remember to set your font to "Terminal"

EDIT2: Oops... he prat mentioned the unattended part already.... such a long story for such a small operation. ;)

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Enjoy! And yes, if someone is using this tip after seeing this topic, please post, so we can know if you're happy or not.

// --> me happy now :)

I find that one VERY useful,

also easy to apply for the n00b.



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how about using this?

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


@="Open With Notepad"


@="Notepad.exe \"%1\""

frankly i've disabled send to menu because i don't use it and so I find this easier :)

hope it helps others easier :D

[edited by XtremeMaC] thanks to SiMoNsAyS

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Of course, that's there too. Anyone can use anything that they prefer.

But a large number of people use the reg-tweak method (the one you posted) simply because they don't know any other option. And also, applying reg-tweaks is actually complex (for new-comers to system tweaking). This option gives them an easier way. And then, you'll see that I HAVE mentioned the registry method, of having notepad in right-click too. I said this too:

Also, notepad becomes a permanent fixture on the right-click menu - which is again an annoyance.

But this topic wasn't about the registry method at all, why'd it have to come in... :(

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@prathapml hey don't get me wrong i'm not trying to steal your method or your thread, the reg i posted is very much the same with your method, just pointing out that there are alternatives... alternatives for ppl who don't use send to as I don't and who are not so patient... not trying to be a smartazz... sorry if i offended u...(but i'll make this comparison)

1. right click on the file

2. go to send to

3. wait for the next box to open up, (my send to menu always opened slow on the rare cases that i mistakenly clicked on it)

4. scroll down to find edit with notepad, (if u have lots of send to's thats more scrolling)

5. & click to open.

1. right click on the file

2. click on open with notepad

just my 2 cents...

@prathapml why do u make this such a big deal, everyone knows your intelligence, alternatives are always good, there are always competitions between 2 different methods, most programs do the same thing but different ppl buy different software and therefore prefer 1 or the other..

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Im a long time user of the Send To shortcut for Notepad, it's one of the first things I do after re-installing Windows (well before I was using unattended cds), nice to see the word being spread on here!

Also Ive seen the registry tweak before but I chose not to use it because you don't get a nice little Notepad icon with it! So there's your challenge, I personally tried ages ago, but it was messing with CLSIDs and I didn't know what I was doing!

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