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  1. yeah i know about that one, it's written in the unattended guide. but as i said i don't want to be typing out 100s of urls, besides, i've grouped my urls according item and subject.
  2. That's not what i was asking. i want to know if i can use cleanup.bat (which i use as to delete temp installation directories and remove icons from the desktop) to run an SFX'd winrar file.
  3. OK this is what i would like to do and why: i would like to be able to import all my "Favorites" boomarks/internet links to a fresh install of XP. i've used winrar to make a self extracting file that would automatically and silently import all my bookmarks to where my favorites is located. i've tested it and it works. however, i've learned that the User profile isn't created during runoneceex but after. so will i be able to "hijack" the cleanup.bat which i use to delete temp directories and icons to run this rar file assuming it's come after runonenceex?
  4. Ok, so my problem is thus: time was when you downloaded the latest nVidia graphics driver from their site all you needed to do was uncompress it and move the contents to your UaDVD in the drivers folder and everything would work upon installation. well nvidia have changed that with their recent drivers. now when you uncompress the file you get several folders; "Display.Driver", "DisplayControl Panel", "HDAudio", "NVI2", "NView" and "PhysX". i'm guessing i need to combine "Display.Driver" and "DisplayControl Panel" folders to achieve the same end result as in the past. can anyone verify this?
  5. I've recently installed a fresh UaDVD version of my XPSP3 onto a 1TB drive and for some reason i cannot right-click on the bottom taskbar/Start button to go into its properties or close folders that have been opened. does anyone know what the registry entry is for diabling the right-click on the taskbar/Start button? i can copy the list of my reg tweaks if requested.
  6. i'm not sure if this is where it should be posted but here goes: i've spend a long time rebuilding my UaDVD for XP SP3 and i've run it flawlessly in Virtual Box. however when it came time to install it on a 1TB SATA drive i had the following come up: "Setup was unable to format the partition. The disk may be damaged. Make sure the drive is switched on and properly connected to your computer. If the disk is a SCSI disk, make sure your SCSI devices are properly terminated. Consult your computer or SCSI adapter documentation for more information. You will have to select a different partition for Windows NT. Press ENTER to continue." i've googled this and there doesn't seem to be one defining answer. i've taken out one RAM stick. I've swapped drives and checked those drives in another installation of XP which formats and recognises them, my BIOS (mobo Asus P5N32-E SLI) also recognises the disks no problem. the only thing i haven't done is check the actual DVD, although that installation of XP say it's not a recognised Win32 application but all the files are there and it is bootable. could a bad copy of the media be the fault? EDIT/UPDATE: i've found out that it was indeed the DVD that was faulty.
  7. if $Docs ans $Progs are Documents and Settings and Program Files respectively. what is the location for the Favourites folder? Or to run it from RunOnceEx? Update: I've just finished making an SFX of my bookmarks and pleased to say it works. i set the SFX to silent, with an absolute path to my Favorites folder.
  8. thanks, that could be a solution. i just don't want to manually add the urls by typing 100s of bookmarks
  9. hello. this is what i've managed to do so far: i can integrate my favorites bookmarks into a redist of IE8 using the IEAK8 software. however after it's done its thing i don't know where the links to the favorites are in the new IE8 installer (this becomes important later). independent of this i've successfully integrated IE8 into an unattended version of XPSP3 (i tested it out). it was one of the special addon files that one forum member has made and NOT the MS installer which doesn't integrate. it's called "ProgramAddons Internet Explorer 8.0" now, my thinking is that i could substitute the IE8.exe package in "ProgramAddons Internet Explorer 8.0" for the one with the integrated favorites. however it's not that straightforward. so my question is, can i import all my bookmarks (which number close to 100) into an integrated version of IE8 or is there another place apart from the winnt.sif file where you have to type each link individually?
  10. i've been using Virtual Box to test out my ISOs and i'm glad that i did as i keep finding little errors that i can iron out. however the problem is that i need to run the installation of windows (XP)everytime to make note of any errors in the RunOnceEx part of set-up. ideally i need just the RunOnce part on a separate cd/ISO image to run. how do i do this?
  11. thank you for this. you said IE OL and WMP are handled differently, these are the ones i wanted to remove, lol. anyway, thanks for confirming what's the difference between DEL and del commands?
  12. i'd like to know what the path is (if any) to the programs section in the start menu of XP Pro (32bit). i've used this command with no luck. DEL "%allusersprofile%\start menu\programs\shortcut.lnk" i've also tried different variations of this. anyone have any ideas?
  13. in case anyone can't see the full title topic: it reads, "RunOnceEx stalls needs a reboot half way to carry on". so basically i've found through virtual box that my runonceex stalls , can anyone tell me how to split the runonceex into two and have it reboot at the end of the first one? thank you
  14. Hi, the title says it all. basically i've been updating my UAXP DVD and decided to run it in VirtualBox to test it out. i noticed i was locked out of the star menu button when i go to right click on it and select its properties. does anyone know the reg entry for unlocking it? come to think of it, the entire taskbar has been right-click disabled.
  15. hello, apologies for resurrecting an old thread but i searched and this came up which might be suited to my needs. i'd like to know what commands/pathways to delete shortcuts from the start menu of a specific user and or all users. would it be DEL /Q "%userprofile%\start menu\set menu program and defaults.lnk" or DEL /Q "%allusersprofile%\start menu\set menu program and defaults.lnk" and what if i want to delete a shortcut in the start menu/programs menu? would that be? DEL /Q "%allusersprofile%\start menu\programs\shortcut.lnk"
  16. thank you. i'll try it Update: i compared my default reg value with one that had the explorer view set to Tiles and i didn't see any change in values. can you tell me how you came by this reg entry?
  17. is there a way of making XP display custom windows configurations, for example changing the icon view from Tiles to Icons or any other preferences? i've tried regshot but that doesn't track any known changes.
  18. aha! well it's the same as regshot's comparison, so thank you for confirming it.
  19. hi guys, i've been reviewing my UA DVD for sometime now and i'd like to know how to pre-disable the standard buttons and the address bar form the folder view in Classic Theme XP. i've downloaded regshot and i can't tell whether it's the right Hive Key as it doesn't look right and besides it's not a simple DWORD value it's a string of numbers. any help would be appreciated. thanks
  20. Hello, i've recently found out that in IEAK8 you can add all your "favourites" into the re-cabbed package which is convenient considering one would have to painstakingly add each url individually into runonceex as a list. i'm assuming the same would be for IEAK7 and IE7. my question is, when the custom installer has been re-cabbed into the .MSI package with (hopefully) all favourites added, will it integrate using nLite as with a normal IE7 installer?
  21. i've looked at the CD that comes with my controller and noticed that there could be a silent .msi file. but upon trying to executing it, it says i need to run another app found in the root of the CD. as a result i cannot silently install this program to allow the Controller to be on my XP. has anyone tried to install a 360 controller silently?
  22. Hello there. i'd like to know if it's possible to wholesale transfer my website links to a new install. what i'm trying to say is: we know that putting files in say, for example, "$Progs" will result in apps/files put in "Program Files" after a new installation, can i do the same with my Favourites links? i know you can add the websites in via the winnt.sif but that requires manually typing them by hand and if it's the case of several dozen or even 100 links, that can become very time-consuming.
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