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popup problems


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I have a popup problem can't find or remove with adaware software


The popup looks like the windowsupdate site

It also state in the popup that it is provided by softwareonline and is not affliated with microsoft

can't find out how to stop it

It follows with other ad type pop up mainly secruity ones

Can anyone advise me


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For the really nasty spyware, use a2. Best used when spysweeper, adaware and spybot all fail to remove the crap causing the problem.

...I work at a company where there are about 250PCs and 100 employees slowly spywar-ing these things up! Run spybot, adaware and spysweeper with latest definitions and if that doesn;t work, use a2 after updating (also in safe mode).


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The best way to stop such pop-ups is to add them to your block list in the HOSTS file.  adserver.sharewareonline.com

Add that line at the bottom of your HOSTS file, and that entire server is blocked. No pages at all can come from it anymore! :D

You can add anymore annoying server addresses (pop-ups, advertising servers, annoying porn sites) to the HOSTS file to block out those sites COMPLETELY!

Where is your HOSTS file located?

"c:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts" if on win2k/XP/2k3

"c:\WINDOWS\hosts" if on win95/98/ME.

It is just a text-file. Open using notepad.

Hoping this helps....

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prathapml, now thats interesting.

So if we really wanted to make a somewhat spyware proof computer (notice I said somewhat!) then we could put a preconfigured deny hosts file in a customized install.

I think that will come into being VERY handy,


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Correct paul. You can add all the servers that annoy you (for the purposes said above), and then life on the net is far smoother. I do know, for one... that my HOSTS file is 230 KB. :lol:

If its too much work for anyone to dig out what sites COULD possibly be problematic, just do this:

1. Add the sites YOU know to be a nuisance.

2. Install KaZaA Lite Revolution client v2.5.5 to get its updated list of HOSTS.

Or... to make it even easier, just add your additions to the HOSTS (obtained by the bad-site blocker of KaZaA lite mentioned above) attached here. Using this file is simple and blissful indeed.


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