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Registry Tweaks

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Can u also use the registry tweaks on Windows XP Pro x64? Or is the registry very different than the regualer 32-bit XP Pro.
Nah, its quite similar. Most of these tweaks could be used just fine on x64.
does somebody know how I can remove the annoying "click her to start" popup over the start button on first boot?

The tweak for this is already there in the registry tweaks attached on first page.....
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tnx for reply..

did you mean the



I understand that the StartMenuInit prevents the start menu from poping up on first boot. but I mean the "Click here to start" popup thingy.

It came even though I've set the StartButtonBalloonTip to dword:00000002.. :no:

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These are great. Is there a way to insert these into the windows CD? Or is it all something that must be applied afterwards during runonce or something?

My understanding is that inserting any/all of these tweaks directly into the Windows CD (rather than applying them from a reg file) would require editing the registry hives themselves. Since I have never attempted this myself, I have no idea how complex a task it would be.

When is the appropriate time to run regtweaks? cmdlines.txt or guirunonce?

I currently run all of my tweaks from cmdlines.txt. Before my project is complete, I plan on moving to a two-file system that will install tweaks that should be applied system-wide (such as disabling certain services) from cmdlines.txt and those that I think apply only to my own personal account (such as the default colours for the command prompt) will get applied later, possibly shortly before the final reboot after installing all of my apps.

Still, that is just my personal preference. However, I understand there are some tweaks that must be installed around the time of cmdlines.txt in order for them to take effect. I believe most of these tweaks are noted as such in the registry tweak file that's downloadable from the start of this thread.

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Anyone has a regtweak for getting rid of Transition Effects for Menues and Tooltips?

Also for disable Allow Indexing Service for faster file searching that is enabled by default when installing a new OS..

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