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How To: WMP 10 Silent Install and Reg Tweaks

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Heres how to create a silent install and some registry tweaks to apply afterwards which will adjust the options, etc.

Once WMP 10 is downloaded rename to: MP10Setup.exe and copy it to the root of drive C.

Extract to a folder by Start>Run: MP10Setup.exe/c /t:C:\MP10

Go back to Start>Run and type in: IEXPRESS.EXE to start the silent file creation.

1) Once that loads up push Next ...

2) Extract Files and Run Installion Command is already checked, press Next ...

3) Package Title name: WMP10silent.exe then press Next...

4) No prompt is already checked, press Next ...

5) Dont display license is already cheked, press Next ...

6) Add files section, browse to the extracted MP10 folder in the root of drive C and add all the files inside and press Next ...

7) Install Program area; copy-paste: setup_wm.exe /DisallowSystemRestore /Q:A /R:N

7a) Leave "post install command" set at <none> and press Next ...

8) Show Window setting; Set this to Hidden and press Next ...

9) Finished Message setting; Leave this set at No Message and press Next ...

10) Package Name and Options; Choose name to save as: WMP10silent.exe and browse to select where to save the file. Check to Hide extraction process from user then press Next ...

11) Configure Restart: Choose No restart and press Next ...

12) Choose Dont Save and press Next ...

13) Press Next to create the silent file.


Adding file and reg tweaks to unattened cd:

1) Create a folder named WMP10 inside the $OEM$\$1\install folder and copy the created silent install inside.

2) While inside the WMP10 folder, create a Tweaks.reg file and copy the contents below:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

























"CDRecordFileSeparator"=" "
















































































Now add a line in one of your CMD files to install and run the reg tweak files:

ECHO Installing Windows Media Player 10

ECHO Please wait...

start /wait %systemdrive%\install\WMP10\WMP10silent.exe


ECHO Tweaking Media Player 10 ...

ECHO Please wait...

REGEDIT /S %systemdrive%\install\WMP10\Tweaks.reg


All done.

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Basically the tweaks disable everything in the Player Tab in Options. The default ripping should be set to MP3 @ 256 bitrate. Everything else is default settings.

If you want to tweak them to your settings then set your settings the way you want in Media Player and then open regedit. Find and replace any thats differnt from mine and create your own custom reg file.

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hmmm...other than doing this...if someone wanted to install in svcpack.inf and didnt want to run tweaks.reg...they could edit wmp10.inf and put these settings in there...from what I have found...these are the ones that only need to be changed, not added...

HKCU, "Software\Microsoft\MediaPlayer\Preferences", "AcceptedPrivacyStatement",0x00010001,1
HKCU, "Software\Microsoft\MediaPlayer\Preferences", "StretchToFit",0x00010001,1

i would search for preferences...other than that...when you find stretchtofit, I would add the custom settings here...now, im not 100% sure that would work, but I think it will. Im gonna do it...would be nice if someone could test...I could always post the settings I have (changed to be put in wmp10.inf) if someone wants to test this out for me...

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I posted this to be a simple way to do it so anyone could add it to there unattented cd. People who dont know how to write inf files or want to, me included, just want it installed in the end. If anyone else who can make it a cleaner process with inf files, etc and wants to post detailed steps then by all means do so. Lets just see if that actually happens.

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Just wondering, if I put the cmd file containing the reg hacks, or better yet the reg file containing them in the package file, can i execute it as a post install command so that i do not have to run it later?

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Randy Rhoads, hmmmm...I didnt mean to say youre method wasnt good, nothing of the sort...just building on your info, see I had already gone through some inf's for some reason or another and noticed the preferences in wmp10.inf...so I replied saying maybe we could do away with a reg tweak and add it to the inf...my reasoning behind this is so I can do all wmp10 in svcpack.inf...I know some people dont wanna do this, but I already have svcpack.inf which installs like 4 things (msjava, dotnetsp1, journal, highmat) so I wanted wmp10 in there also (since it can be installed there)...that was my only reason for posting what i did...heck, I dont even think its gonna work since those settings are put in the reg somehow, but arent part of the inf's...

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Think nothing of it man, i can never explain things without coming off as p***ed..lol. I just meant that the way i posted this was so any newbie, me included, could get this on there cd ASAP ready to go without much hassle and that if anyone else can include a better or cleaner way to install or add the reg tweaks during setup then post those steps for everyone else with detailed instuctions and not just that it could be done better a certain way while not explaining how or going into details on the methods if they have done it.

Theres a bunch of apps here i would love to try on my cd, but most all require knowlege of some advanced editing of HTML or XML stuff and i feel these apps should have been made with automated GUI step by step guides like the nLite app to make the custom files, aid in adding custom options, and applying these to the Windows source etc. Not only would it simply the process for newbies, it would avoid many user errors in the editing of those files the hard way and cut down on "This app dont work for me" threads. They usually dont work because they were written as if everyone using them has the same knowledge of the person making the software.. ex: Linux.

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