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  1. 7 letters, 1 number and 1 special char & , worked for me
  2. i've added the RunWPI.exe to cmdlines.txt that thats all and didnt worked and this script works but i got another issue does ordering works ? ive got here config like that and i chosed to install APP2,APP3,APP4,APP5,APP7 and it started to runs installation in this order3 not it should be install in order APP7,APP2,APP3,APP5,APP4
  3. i removed RunWPI.exe and used this which uses nlite.cmd and worked koszopal
  4. hi RunWPI.exe runned from cdrom via cmdlines.txt set registry key to C:\WPI\WPI.hta as it should set to CDROM drive and then \WPI\WPI.hta koszopal
  5. got same error koszopal Ps ive run on installed clean OS RunWPI.exe (downloaded ) from cdrom $OEM$\RunWPI.exe and guess what he doing it creating at RunOnceEx 1 key for WPI running but !! value of this key is "C:\WPI\WPI.hta" !! i think it should write there %CDROM%\WPI\WPI.hta ? koszopal
  6. hi did u plan to add support for BartPE ? koszopal
  7. check this link http://www.911cd.net/forums//index.php?sho...9&hl=driverpack
  8. hmm u can try build bartpe + bts driverpacks im sure it ll be working koszopal
  9. next time use google tip: write "bartpe forum" koszopal ps here is link http://www.911cd.net/forums/
  10. check on bartpe forum koszopal ps tip search more then 30 days
  11. did u looked at bartpe forum ? here is a jap lang plugin maybe it help you http://bartpe.nobody.jp/make.html koszopal
  12. hi here is problem : 1) at windows 2003 is a directory for example "tmp" shared for all users with all properties except "full controll" 2) client at windows 2000/xp has got this dir. maped as a drive dor example Y: 3) when client open a ms dos windows (cmd) and at this dir write for example : dir * > test.txt has got error : "A device attached to the system is not functioning" Dunno what to do with this error or what to check whats wrong koszopal
  13. check a little lower Member Contributed Projects->DriverPacks General Discussion koszopal
  14. nice koszopal ps did you add option to add BartPE ? it would be greate to have option for this
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