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No, not off hand. When you extracted the kernel you downloaded, did you rename it Newkrnl.exe and put that in your windows\system32 directory? Make sure you didn't name it Newkernl.exe.exe by mistake.

Which kernel did you download? If you have a hyperthreading system, you need SP2 NTKRNLMP PRO.

If you have a system with a normal, single processor, you need SP2 NTOSKRNL PRO.

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THANKS a lot jrzycrim!! it works now. do you also have a kernel that only shows the verison and windows xp??? without the one displaying service pack 2 in the bottom? thank yououu, if you do have that kernel, please post it here so i can download it =) thanks again

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I don't have one without Service pack 2 but I can throw one together fairly quick. Tomorrow maybe.

For autologon, try this reg file:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon]"AutoAdminLogon"="1"



Copy and paste that into notepad, put in your username and password, save it as "logon.reg". Use the quotes around the filename when saving it.

Double click on the new reg file to merge it into the registry.

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You can use the same unattended cd for both.

Here's a batch file that Alanoll posted a while back:

bootcfg /copy /D "Windows XP Professional" /ID 1
echo No
bootcfg /RAW "/Kernel=OEMKrnl.exe" /A  /ID 2
goto End
echo Yes
bootcfg /RAW "/Kernel=dualKrnl.exe" /A  /ID 2
bootcfg /Timeout 0
bootcfg /Default /ID 2

Copy the above into notepad and name it boot.cmd or whatever you like. Place both the single and dual kernels in the system32 directory.

Place the cmd file in $OEM$ and call boot.cmd from cmdlines.txt. It will detect which type of processor you have and write the appropriate kernel into the boot.ini. Just make sure the names used in boot.cmd are the same as the filenames you used for the kernels.

This way, the same CD will work in VMware/Virtual PC and a hyper-threading or single processor system.

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hey jrzycrim,

thank you once again for your assistance in my matter but can you please provide me with a kernel that only shows Windows XP Professional without the service pack 2 logo that you said you could put together fairly quickly? thank you very much.


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