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SP2 Home - Professional Boot Screens


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Would anyone be interested in the standard XP boot screen with Home/professional added like the older versions? I've got separate versions for both home and pro and ntoskrnl and ntkrnmp if there is a real demand for them.

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i would love the pro version too.. been messing with my bootscreen for a couple of hours now and i just started getting the 'ntfs.sys missing/corrupt' error a while ago after expanding/replacing ntoskrnl.ex_ from the original windows directory by hand into the nlited /windows dir. thank god one of the programs i downloaded looking for the easy way out backed up the original, giving me the option to choose a safe way to log back onto windows..

back to searching the forums :)

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Sorry folks. I haven't been around much since I started this thread. They've been keeping me busy at Ozzu.com as a moderator. There didn't seem to be much of a demand at the time and honestly, I forgot about it. :)

The first link is the SP2 ntoskrnl.exe(2180) for singe processor systems. The second link is the kernel for hyperthreading/multiprocessor systems. The third link is for the files which can be used to compile your own kernel with booteditor. These are idependant of the kernel type and will work for single or dual.



Boot Editor Files (9.73KB Booteditor Zip)


I'll post the Home version soon.

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NTOSKRNL.EXE resides in WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 - however care must be taken if you have any 'unusual' features on your computer - including Hyper Threading and to a certain extent Advanced Motherboard Power Management features.

@ jrzycrim - which NTOSKRNL type did you use/patch to create these (excellent) files?

Thanks :thumbup

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