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damn just when i though it was working!

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ok so ive made a new xp pro clean with sp2 unnatende insatll.my first iso was the basic install with a winnt.sif file which worked great.

now the iso ive just made witht the same source but with the following changes

Added custom winntbuu.dll


Added Registry Tweaks

Added Start.cmd

Added Alcohol 120%,Office 2003,Nero ,Winrar

Added Custom Theme

Added system Properties Logo and support box

Added Auto User Account Added Crystal Logon screen

Added copy IE Favs

now all of the above have been tested prevoulsy and i know there are no problem wiht the exception of the new winntbuu.dll i added (i used another cusotm one in the past)

Gave me this error at the begining of the insatll.after first reboot where you see the time remaing etc


The signature for Windows XP Professional Setup is invalid. The error code is 800b0100.


Fatal Error:

Setup failed to install the product catalogs. This is a fatal error. The setup log files should contain more information.

could it be the winntbuu.dll?

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ok i resotred the origanl winntbuu.dll and still recived the error so it must be hacked utheme,tcpip etc i put 4 of them inot my cd folder im currenlty re-installing witht the original files

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typo. where will the setup log be im using virtual pc 6 and can not acess the drive as this message apears and reboots looping again and agin :(

im ashamed to ssay this is my 22nd attempt at a working iso...think ive had enough :(

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