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Custom Setup.exe for MultiBoot DVD


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Hey guys, just to point out - the best way of making an XP autorun program that works just like the real thing is to ResHack the setup.exe file and change any strings that point to installation tools and utilities. You can change the text of anything (I do this to clarify which edition of XP I'm installing) and change the background and icons. The program will works exactly as before, but just customized to your needs.

Get ResHack from here: http://www.angusj.com/resourcehacker/

Hope I've helped you - it's a lot quicker (and cheaper) than messing about with AutoPlay Studio, though that screenshot admittedly looks cool.

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if i use AutoPlay Media Studio 6.0 and ResHacker and i click on ResHacker.exe , then file , open setup.exe form xp pro, right click on bitmap and save all , then make the size in AutoPlay Media Studio 800 , 600 . Bitmap_19.bmp and 20 are good but Bitmap_21.bmp is the wrong size if i resize it it all looks wrong, can any 1 tell me where i am going wrong , or why its the wrong size but when u click on the exe the size is 800 , 600 ?

Bitmap_19.bmp is 800 x 80
Bitmap_20.bmp is 800 x 100

Bitmap_21.bmp is 397 x 180

hmm i looked at this then looked again


so it was a background color , not a bitmap


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