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Easy RunOnceEx.cmd


Do you want it to be easy to create RunOnceEx.cmd  

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  1. 1. Do you want it to be easy to create RunOnceEx.cmd

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    • What whould be the function?
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Im still getting that error message.

That browse button was for inserting programfilenames instead of writing them in.

Like "browse to select programfile", but i dont think there's a point having that option, just a idea i came up with.

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If you have uploaded the file yet, it did not fix the error message.

Version 1.32.

Could it be an error from my computer side?

Anyone else having the same problem?

Im running XP SP2

I don't know if that's indeed the problem, but i'm running sp1 (Not sp1a), but i heard that there are problems with a lot of program after the installation of sp2 (even microsoft programs have the problems)

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@ eagle00789

sorry bin off line, du to hurricane charlie, and missed the whole

beginning of dev. But I see the @mazin man has been here. Looks

great, going to test it today.

thanks for great tool

the bonedaddy

I hope to hear from you, that the database is going to work without problems for you. i already had 1 user that has a problem with the programs database

Thx, but i'm happy do create it. i have no use for it anymore, because i already switched to xplode (for wich i'm going to create an xml-writer program)

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