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winamp 5.04 is out


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yes, link now it's corrected (i don't know what the hell i did :) ). i thought on pasting the entire changelog but it's too big and you can see it on the attached link. for the common user there aren't any notable differences but in the main core and principal plugins there are a lot, check by yourself.


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mazin have take a look and tell us it is looking exact the same as 5.03c

I said 5.03a not 5.03c. It looks like you're still dreaming of c! :)

Well, send me your email via a PM and I'll send it to you. Never mind. But your email account must afford 4.21 MB.

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I was waiting for .4 to come out before updating that massive MSI. The thing is a beast. I knew it was coming out, so I didn't see the point of releasing the .3c without .4 just the next week :)

Also, Winamp forums usually posts the downloads before the website is updated. :rolleyes: The people that usually post the links in the forums are usually associated with the devs.

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