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profiting off of 9-11


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Take a look at this if you really want an unbiased opinion on what the war in asia and the middle east is about. This is not opinion or conjecture - if you follow the links off the page they take you to the academic and news resources that enabled the document to be collated. It is infact a highly independent summary of the world situation and why oil has caused the iraq and afghanistan situation - irony is that we dont like the war but its a war to prevent even bigger wars


The point is that in the year 1980 oil production was the same as in the year 2006, but in 2006 there is a vastly bigger world population - oil production therefore needs to increase in accordance with demand

turns out that its really about there being an abundance of oil but not the capacity to get it out of the ground. What happens in economic terms is that you have all the oil the world could need but it still feels like there is a shortage. Partially the reason why iraq needed to be invaded was so the west could put oil wells in there (a lot more) to ensure that capacity meets demand. At the moment we have a demand that far outstrips capacity.

That is in effect pushing prices up and causing governments to panic incase they dont get enough oil to supply their industries.

Oil is not just needed for cars to run - every plastic item - every computer chip - steel - iron nylon goods need it. Its about the bility to get the oil out of the ground and thats all the war was about - so that it would stabilise the world economy

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...Oil is not just needed for cars to run - every plastic item - every computer chip - steel - iron nylon goods need it. Its about the ability to get the oil out of the ground and thats all the war was about - so that it would stabilize the world economy

I'm certain the war is about much more than stabilizing the economy. Iraq was considering switching (or was actually ready to switch) to the euro, which would've collapsed our economy. I think that played a significant role as to why we are in the ME -- we just needed a reason the public would support. Also you can't deny that controlling the largest part of the worlds remaining supply is without its advantages :)

As for the importance of oil, you hit the nail on the head. I don't think a lot of people understand this; you drive a petroleum powered tractor to plant the seeds, then spray petroleum based fertilizer and insecticides on the crops, irragate the crops with pumps that run on petroleum, harvest the crops with petroleum powered equipment, package them in petroleum based plastics, ship them off to market in petroleum powered trucks/trains and cook them in appliances that are powered by electric that is generated with petroleum and eat them in your petroleum powered home. This is why "alternative" energy is largely a joke. At this point, there is no complete replacement for oil and natural gas. Hydrogen is a joke because it takes far more energy to produce it than what you get out of the process. There isn't any nuclear powered trucks, hydro-electric based plastics or wind powered trains that i know of.

It's easy enough to see that controlling oil is equal to controlling the world; you shut off the supply to any country in the industrialized world and you literately kill its ability to produce food, plastics, power, etc., and destroy its infrastructure and ability to fight wars. Peak oil or not, this still holds true.

We've been looking for a way to increase our military presence in the ME for some time. 9/11 was the golden gate. Although i'm certain it was a false flag op, it really doesn't matter at this point. We've got a lot more to worry about as our freedoms are being stripped and we are being groomed for a fascist state -- grommed hell, we're already there. If some one can point out the difference between the US and Nazi germany as they rolled into war, i'd like to hear about it. I'd like to know how sacrificing our freedoms that will NEVER be given back, even if the Patriot act is trashed, is helping me to feel more secure. I'd like to know how the NSA tapping domestic phone calls isn't a violation of my right to privacy. I'd like to know how i can feel secure when the government can enter MY home without telling me and plant surveillance equipment. I'd like to know what the holding facilities that Haliburton was awarded 300+ billion to build in the US will be used for. I'd like to know the fundamental difference between "fatherland security", as germany called it, and "homeland security". I'd like to know the difference between how Hitler came to power (he never won a public election) and how Bush became president after hijacking the "election" and stopping the recount. I'd like to know the difference between the Reichstag fire and 9/11. I'd like to know...


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I also think people trying to profit off others tragedys are very screwed up!!

9.11 was one i thought they would leave alone!!!


That 9.11 movie,the airplane movie (Flight 93) and more......

People think its a joke and its sickening!!!!

When a tragedy happens IT SHOULD BE LEFT AS SUCH!!

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