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random date changing

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Hey I'm using XP pro and for some reason, if I turn my comp off and reboot, the date changes to July 5th (most of the time) or some other date (usually bout 2/3 months out)

It's really really annoying cos it means that I get logged out of stuff on websites etc.

I change the date back but as soon as I turn my comp off and on it changes again

Anyone had this thing or know how to solve it?!

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What an odd problem ... The only advice I can give you is to run a spyware/virus scan and check whether your CMOS battery is low... The last, however, is not very likely as that would result in the date being reset to the same date every time ...

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ok I've figured out what's happenin

It's switching the date from dd/mm/yy

to mm/dd/yy

e.g. 8th may 2004 (08/05/04)

is 5th august 2004 (05/08/04 in eng 08/05/04 in us)

hmm how to solve it? I've set all my settings to UK....

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Just a question have you gone into your bios and looked to see if there is a option to format the date? If it was bought in or from the US the date format will be screwy for you, since when you reboot XP it looks there for the initial time before it checks the internet time. HTH

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