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SAB and tooltips


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Hello @Tihiy

I come back with this "little problem" :blushing:

What would need to be changed in SAB to have the default Windows behavior for tooltips (explorer and systray) ? 
As a reminder


With SAB (without NoDarkTooltips key) SAB.PNG.5ab8a2e6698f265b4f2dbae1c60107bb.PNG   SAB2.PNG.a398a55fc3b1be9115202c279cc5f3f8.PNG  => Explorer tooltip is not OK but Systray tooltip is OK


With SAB (NoDarkTooltips at 1) Windows.PNG.53e925f88184c7ce6e8360c35bb3020e.PNG    W11SAB.PNG.aaf986a7bfb4692917e535b5646af56c.PNG  =>Explorer tooltip is OK but Systray tooltip is not OK


Without SABWindows.PNG.53e925f88184c7ce6e8360c35bb3020e.PNG      SAB3.PNG.955643a784e84d1465b82ea66ffda5e7.PNG   => All is ok 


I retested and it was impossible to have the default font and size of the explorer tooltips AND the default design of the systray tooltips with SAB
It's one OR the other with NoDarkTooltips registry key and setting to 0 or 1

If possible add a new "option" to the NoDarktooltip key to have the default behavior, maybe ?
Or what to modify in SAB files to have the default Windows behavior ?

Thanks for the help



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7 hours ago, Tihiy said:

Those are different taskbars. If you want dark classic not acrylic I don't think those are coming back.

Thanks for your reply

I would like to have the tooltips (explorer and systray) like those of Windows (default)

It's good for the systray tooltip (without the NoDarkTooltips key) in taskbar
It's just the tooltip of the explorer which is wider and the font is black

So everything is OK for the taskbar, just for the explorer :)


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