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storport of win8.0 beta 8118 in XP?


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@Dietmar@George King

Hi Guys,

I was wondering if either of you would be interested in testing out storport.sys of windows 8.0 beta 8118 in XP? I think this is the last version before PoFx functions got implemented.

I added stub KseRegisterShim (just returns invalid parameter) and stub KeQueryUnbiasedInterruptTime (just returns KeQueryInterruptTime) to ntoskrnl extender for this.


I was curious to see if we could get TRIM working over NVME with this or some other additional functionality.

Assuming it doesn't BSOD.

Any interest in testing this out?


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I was unable to find any PDB symbols for the 8118 beta build of storport, but I did find them for the earlier 8102 beta build.

Can you debug this when you have the time?


The F7 BSOD I'm sure is because of security_check_cookie function, but the subsequent 7E BSOD isn't so easy.

I'm hopeful you will find a way to get passed it like you did with the ACPICrackPRT function before we had the source.


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@Damnation Because after 8056 was changed build environment and they pushed more incompatible code there. Trying to port whole 8 storport probably can't bring much benefits at all as structures were changed a lot. When I was porting 8.1 StorAhci code to XP with Kai 8 port I saw these changes. Instead of patching 8 storport would be better to start adding needed functions into Kai storport source based on 2003 sp1 storport. Same as Mov does with ACPI.

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Everything was changed - see used structures in storport 7 vs 8. After 8056 was changed build environment - see other drivers for PoFx.. functions. 

It will probably never work. And If then only for specific driver, like Daniels NVMe 8.1 for 7. which have working TRIM in 7.

Maybe you can start there instead. I tried patch his already patched files for 7 to XP in past. But without success.

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@George King

PoFx functions were first implemented in Beta 8128, which is why I went for 8118 initially since it doesn't have those functions.

@Dietmar has solved a 7E BSOD with a driver in the past with acpi.sys beta 5048, so it shouldn't be entirely out of the realm of possibility that he could do so again.

Assuming dietmar's up for the challenge, I think he wants to solve the HP 255 G6 resetting in ACPI mode first though.

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