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XPerceniol Memorial Of Honour


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9 hours ago, mina7601 said:


@Tommy I removed this post since it's not related to the member that legacyfan, you and I honoured here. Sorry for the off-top, again you're right.

I strongly suggest the others will follow my example and also remove their posts not related to the Memorial.

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How about we stop the bickering and move on with life? What a dumpster fire this thread has become. Remember, what you post not only in here but in other threads as well is a direct reflection of yourself. I can hand out content moderation if we can't handle the responsibility of following the rules and being nice to each other.

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3 hours ago, legacyfan said:

(Admins) this can be locked now 

Yes, I'm all up for it too. legacyfan, it's a very wise decision, but it needs to be done asap, before he wakes up. Thank you, Tommy !

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