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Modem, router, switch setup to Modem, switch, router setup


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I currently have a modem, router switch setup. Is there a reason I can't go Modem, switch, router? Hotwire is unwilling to do that. I would like my wifi to reach a different part of the house. That is why I would like to move the router and change to Modem, switch, router.

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This is awfully confusing. Although modem / router / switch are different things, their words are often used wrongly. Maybe check this site for more information: https://www.cables-solutions.com/switch-vs-router-vs-modem-difference.html

So Hotwire is your internet provider? You have to ask them, if you are allowed to use your own router. It depends on the laws in your country.

If your router is missing the option for Wifi, then you could connect a
simple Access Point to your router. They are very cheap.

Also, think about using a very long LAN cable.

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You can't put the switch as the first device because you only get one IP address, and the router's job is to unify the computers behind it through it. The switch could act as a repeater between the modem and the router, but you can't plug anything into its other ports. You could extend the network cable and place the router elsewhere in the house or get another router to serve as an access point (the softwre configuration is a bit complicated with this).

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