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StartAllBack - Taskbar Height Bug


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StartAllback was working perfectly for me for the first day of use, but when I booted up my computer this morning I found that the taskbar as twice the height it should be on my primary display (the smaller one on the right), and that the program icons are floating. Please see the attached image.

Restarting Windows Explorer, disabling and re-enabling the Taskbar integration, and restarting my PC did not resolve the info. When StartAllBack is disabled the taskbar is the correct size.

Here are some random computer details off the top of my head. Please let me know if you need any other info!

  • I am running Windows 11.
  • Monitor ID #1 (my secondary) is 3840x2160 and running at 250% scale.¬†Monitor ID #2 (my primary / "main display") is 1920x1080 at 100% scale.
  • My laptop is owned by the company I work for and managed by an MDM.
  • I have adjusted my system date and time format to ie 2022-08-25 and 01:23 AM.


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